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Amazing NOK-OUT!

Nok-Out is a TRUE DEODORANT, non-toxic (when used as recommended), does not create harmful by-products, is non-carcinogenic (does not cause cancer,) non-mutagenic (organisms cannot mutate or become immune to destruction), non-allergenic, and environmentally friendly. This is a product that oxidatively eliminates organic and inorganic sources of odor pollution. Nok-Out has a cumulative and residual long lasting affect.

Do you know where all the malodorous spots are located in your carpet? If you are unsure and urine is the problem, use a black light in total darkness to determine the location of all carpet stains before proceeding to treat the carpet.




  • Nok-Out has a pH of 8.5, and is enhanced in an alkaline environment. If acidic cleaning products such as vinegar have been used previously, you may want to spray Club Soda or a mild baking soda solution (1 Tbsp baking soda/1 Gallon water) to the carpet before applying Nok-Out to the area. Allow this solution to dry before continuing the odor removal procedures. This step will neutralize the carpet and prepare it for Nok-Out.

  • Before you use your vacuum cleaner to clean away all pet hair, or other small debris that may be present in the carpet/rug, spray the filter in the vacuum with Nok-Out, saturating the pad well.

  • Where animal, urine, body secretions or other spills have occurred, and you suspect that penetration has reached the sub flooring…or with a long-standing problem, it is best to lift the carpet and replace that section of pad, or treat the pad. Use Nok-Out on the hard surface full strength and completely soaks the back of the carpet. Cat urine, being one of the most difficult problems to de-contaminate must be treated by Nok-Out at the SOURCE OF THE ODOR to destroy the odorous bacteria as well as the ammonia salts. A syringe may be used to inject Nok-Out (every 6-8 inches) should you not want to lift the carpet. It may not prove as effective, but is an alternative.


Note: It is always recommended when treating an area, to test in an inconspicuous place…especially when you are using the product full strength.


  • When using Nok-Out in a carpet-cleaning machine, add 8-16 ounces of product to each gallon of cleaning solution. Push the carpet shampooer forward, all over the space that requires cleaning. DO NOT PULL BACKWARD YET. Having completed pushing Nok-Out into the carpet, wait for up to 10 minutes allowing Nok-Out to penetrate deeply into the fibers of the carpet as well as the matting, pad and floor substrate underneath.

  • Then, begin the extracting process by pulling the shampooer BACKWARD. This pulls all liquid back into the cleaning tank.

  • When steam cleaning, add 32 ounces of Nok-Out to each ten gallons of steam cleaning solution.

  • Dry quickly by using overhead ceiling fans, floor fans, turning the AC/Heating fan on (not automatic) or opening windows.

  • If a second application should be necessary, reduce Nok-Out by 50% with clean water and re-apply. Again, dry quickly.




Begin by spraying the carpet backing thoroughly…all over the backing. Allow to stay moist for 5 minutes or more. Wipe away excess moisture.

Turn the grass carpet over, and spray lightly, all over the carpet.

Put 8 oz of Nok-Out into the tank of the carpet cleaner with water. Shake thoroughly.

Begin the cleaning process as above, by pushing the carpet cleaner over the carpet. Do NOT pull back on the cleaner.

Allow to stay wet for up to 5 minutes.

Then, begin the extraction process by pulling the carpet back toward you.

It is wise to also turn overhead fans on, or place carpet outside for quicker drying.


Do test the cleaner on the carpet before doing the entire surface. It is prudent to assure yourself that the shampooer doesn’t harm the grass by scrubbing too hard. You will also confirm that that no problems exist between the dyes used in the grass and Nok-Out. While Nok-Out is known to be non-staining and non-bleaching, it is sensible to do so.


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