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How to wash Dry Clean only garments with Nok-Out

Washing Dry Cleanable-Only Garments with Nok-Out

Important Facts to know when using Nok-Out to clean dry-cleanable clothing:

Actually, dry-cleaning isn't 'dry'.  Solvents are used, which are liquid, but are not water based.  Generally, you can hand-wash dry-cleanable garments with Nok-Out.  Some fabrics don't want to be washed in water.  Leather (the lining may shrink), Rayon (it shrinks), Stiff fabrics, whereby a water based product may cause the fibers to be limp again should not be washed with Nok-Out.  Modern dyes are mostly made of heavy metals such as cobalt and antimony.  Natural plant dyes are best.   Check the label before proceeding.  Nok-Out is non-staining, and non-bleaching.  However,  it is always prudent to test fabrics in an inconspicuous place (hem or a seam) for peace of mind before beginning this laundering procedure.

How to clean Dry-Cleanable with Nok-Out?

  • Use cool water and 8 oz of Nok-Out per gallon of water. If the garment is soiled as well, use a mild soap (no detergent) in with Nok-Out.

  • Hand wash using a gentle rubbing action.  No harsh scrubbing

  • Dip garment in and out of the water mixture often, along with gentle fingertip rubbing

  • If you have added soap to your wash, Remove garment, place in a tub of one gallon water and 8 oz Nok-Out.  Dip in and out of this mixture over and over until the garment is truly rinsed.

  • Remove from water. Gently squeeze water from garment (do not wring or use harsh squeezing) and lay in an absorbent towel. Roll tightly (do not squeeze) Move garment to a less wet area of the towel, and do it again. This step will take several rollings to remove most of the moisture.

  • Gently shake the clothing to eliminate wrinkles and to allow for better air circulation.

  • Lay garment flat on a drying rack, preferably outside, but NOT in the sun. You may also top hang the garment on a plastic, or smooth wooden hanger to dry. Place the clothing in a breezy place or situate for good air circulation.

  • When almost dry, iron with a very low setting. (silk or wool) This is the finishing process, whereby you ultimately are seeking a polished look. Take your time, and work carefully. No stretching or pulling, use small ironing pillows for sleeves, for hems and collars.

You purchased this garment because it was beautiful. Treat it with the same care that you took when you invested in the clothing. And now, you will have it back again!

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