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Keep Mold out of your Shower Stall

DIY - Keep Mold Out of Your Shower

Mold often grows in shower stalls because of the daily dose of water – mold likes water! It is all too common to find black mold growing into the grout and then spreading to the tile walls and growing and growing from there.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Here is how to keep your shower stall mold free.

First, get yourself a squeegee. Keep it in the shower and when you are finished showering, before you leave the stall, use that squeegee to scrape the water droplets from the walls and door. Don’t forget to do the floor as well. This one simple practice will reduce the amount of water available to feed the growth of mold and it only takes about 1 minute.

Even after you squeegee the walls, there will still be moisture there, but it will evaporate more quickly, thus reducing the nutrient needed for mold to grow. Keep the door to your bathroom open for awhile after your shower, to help reduce the humidity content of the air inside the bathroom. If possible run the vent fan for awhile, or open a window a bit to allow moist air to escape.

Twice a week, when you exit the shower, pick up your spray bottle of SNiPER™, spray the walls, corners and floor and then walk away, leaving it to air dry. Make one of those two applications on your weekly bathroom cleaning day.  On that day, use a scrubber to scrape loose any crud that might be there, wipe that crud away with a rag or paper towel (because that crud is a 'food' source for mold), spray one more time with SNiPER™ and walk away, leaving it to air dry. 

If you do this twice a week, you will never have a mold issue develop.

SNiPER™ has an extremely low toxicity rating and to use it, you don't need any special protective gear or mask. You need not fear breathing it or getting it on your skin. Additionally, SNiPER™ is non-corrosive.

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