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Skunk Odor Removal Using Nok-Out

Horrors! Your dog has just come home reeking of Skunk spray – what do you do?

Not to worry!  Nok-Out is a great way to remove skunk odor safely.  This non-toxic product is quite effective at getting rid of skunk odor whether on your pet or on your home.

Skunk spray is an oily substance that comes from 2 glands on either side of the skunk's anus. Skunks are highly accurate in spraying and your pet may receive a direct heavy dose or may only receive a peripheral dose. Clearly, the heavy dose will be harder to deal with.

It is best to clean your pet outdoors, lest the smell invade your home as well. If this is not possible, then clean the animal in a place that will be easy to clean such as the bathroom or washroom.

First, put on rubber gloves – unless, of course, you don't mind the skunk smell getting on you! Check your dog for bites and scratches, and especially, check the eyes for redness indicating a direct hit. If this is the case – call your vet. Don't spray Nok-Out in your pet's eyes – it will not permanently harm the eyes, but will sting exactly as if you had gotten soap in your eyes. Nok-Out is non-toxic and will not harm you or you pet.

Next, spray full-strength Nok-Out directly on the animal and begin massaging it into the fur and down to the skin. Remember that Nok-Out is an oxidizer and works when it comes into direct contact with the smelly stuff. So you must massage it deep into wherever the skunk sprayed. Be very careful to get to the entire face thoroughly because likely, the face was the nearest part of your dog to the stream of spray. It may be useful to spray a rag heavily and use it to apply Nok-Out around the mouth and eyes. Dry the animal thoroughly and then repeat.

If your dog took a direct hit, it will probably take more than one application to completely remove the smell because the skunk spray itself is so very potent and powerful. So don't panic if it doesn't completely remove the smell the first time around. It may very well take 2 – 4 applications to completely eliminate the skunk odor.

Finally, shampoo, and rinse your animal in rinse water that has 8 oz. Of Nok-Out in the tub. Dry the pet thoroughly. If any smell lingers, repeat the process.

Note: remember that skunk spray is an oily substance and it will take time for Nok-Out to penetrate and get rid of the smell. Don't give up! Nok-Out will work!

If your pet came into your home, they will usually try to rub on furniture, carpeting, etc. to try and get the smell off of them. Spray all affected surfaces with full strength Nok-Out and let dry. Be sure to cover all corners, cracks, crevices, any small component, pieces, or parts completely with Nok-Out. Allow to air dry. If you are spraying fabric, you may need to make more than one application.

Spray the air at the site or area where odors linger. Pay particular attention to baseboards, corners of the room, flooring, windows, window coverings, doorway facings, ceiling, light fixtures. Spray the AC/Heating vents at the site of the odor, and also the main intake vent in the building. If a ceiling fan is present, run it for up to 15 m. after application of Nok-Out. Run the fan on continuous of the Heating/AC system. More than one application may be necessary to reach all of the odor sites.



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