What is Nok-Out?

One Product Family to Deodorize, Clean and Disinfect, for all Your Family's Needs! 

Nok-Out products are a new generation of household cleaning products that offer unparalleled power to both eliminate odors and to disinfect your home, car, furniture, clothes and even the back yard. Unlike many household deodorizing products commonly found in your local grocery store, Nok-Out is NOT a mask designed to cover up and hide bad smells; Nok-Out actually eliminates the odor at the source leaving no scent behind.

These products are oxidizers and work by coming into direct contact with the smelly stuff. When this happens, Nok-Out oxidizes the smelly stuff, changing it into something that no longer has an odor. When you combine the powerful deodorizing properties with it's equally powerful disinfecting properties, what you have is a truly amazing cleaning product that is hypo allergenic and non-toxic. Nok-Out carries an EPA rating of IV – the lowest toxicity rating they give out! - meaning that you can use Nok-Out and never have to worry about making your home a toxic place.

Give Nok-Out a try today.   Let it's amazing power make a difference in your life.


Nok-Out deodorizing properties work well to:

  • remove cat urine odors and dog urine odors
  • remove skunk odor from pets and furniture
  • remove musty smells from furniture, clothes and cars
  • remove musty odors from motor homes
  • remove mold and mildew odors
  • remove odors from sports equipment
  • remove human smell from hunters
  • remove odors from carpets and rugs
  • eliminate tobacco smoke odors
  • remove odors from flooding
  • remove odors from cars, trucks and SUVs
  • eliminate odors from stinky shoes
  • eliminate odors from spilled milk
  • remove odors from floors (hardwood, tile and linoleum)



Nok-Out Broad Spectrum Disinfectant provides hospital disinfection, multi-surface cleaning with odor elimination and is fragrance free. Nok-Out is non-toxic to humans and pets.

Lab tests have shown that Nok-Out kills Gram-negative bacteria, such as Salmonella enterica  and Gram-positive bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus. nosocomial bacteria, such as Pseudomonus aeruginosa , Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus IMRSA, Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus faecalis IVRE. Allow surfaces to remain wet for 10 minutes, for virus inactivation of Swine Influenza virus Type A (H1N1). NOK OUT kills HIV·1 and HBV on surfaces previously soiled with blood/bodily fluids, In health care or other settings where there is a likelihood of surfaces/objects to be Soiled with blood and/or bodily fluids with the potential of the transmission of Human Immunoddeficiency Virus Type I (HIV- l ) (associated with AIDS) and Human Hepatitis B Virus follow the following instruction for cleaning and decontamination of surfaces.

Nok-Out is now recognized by the NSF.

Nok-Out's disinfecting properties are known to:


  • kill many known pathogens

  • kill mold and spores

  • kill mildew and spores

  • kill fungi and spores

  • disinfect CPAP safely

  • disinfect and deodorize sick rooms and home healthcare facilities


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