Area Rug Cleaning with Nok-Out

Area Rug

The Perfect Solution to Clean & Disinfect Area Rugs


Urine leaks, food spills, wine accidents, dirty footprints. Over time, dirt, grime, urine or other messes take a nasty toll. Read about three levels of cleaning area rugs.

Tools for the task to keep colors bright, the pile soft, germs, bacteria and mold removed from your rug:

  • SNiPER (Nok-Out can also be used for ordinary cleaning, but it is SNiPER that kills germs and mold)
  • Vacuum cleaner, and soft clean cloths
  • To keep colors bright, the pile soft, germs, bacteria and mold removed from your rug

Weekly Cleaning This task should be done once a week

  1. Remove loose items found on the rug

  2. Vacuum rug thoroughly, on both sides. Vacuum the floor beneath the rug

  3. Spray  SNiPER full strength, covering both sides of the rug completely. Let air dry until completely dry to the touch

Monthly Cleaning: soiled, dirty rugs. This task should be done whenever the rug is soiled or or smelly.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above. Do away with any loose or glued-to-the rug trash

  2. Spray the rug, both sides with SNiPER or Nok-Out.  Allow to dry for five minutes, or till dry to the touch. Sponge dry any remaining moisture, if present

  3. Spray flooring with Nok-Out and allow drying for up to five minutes. Remove any excess moisture with a dry, clean cloth before replacing the rug  

  4. Using Nok-Out or SNiPER, spray a stream directly on stains. Massage in. Change trigger spray to a mist. Spray the entire rug (both sides). This step may be omitted, if there are no visible stains remaining.

  5.  Allow to air dry. Sponge any remaining moisture with a clean cloth, and replace rug


Bi-Monthly Cleaning for heavily soiled rugs

This task should be done at least two times per year.

  1.  Follow steps 1 through 4 above. Begin on the back side of the rug. Spray heavily with SNiPER or  Nok-Out. Allow ten minutes to dry completely. If stains are visible on the rug, apply a stream of Nok-Out Carpet Cleaner. Dry, as above.

  2. When the back of the rug is dry to the touch, turn the carpet over.

  3.  Inspect rug for stains. If present, spray a stream of Nok-Out on the stain. While it is drying, spray entire carpet with SNiPER or  Nok-Out. Allow to air dry. Inspect for any remaining stains. Re-apply as needed.


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