Canine Parvovirus

Eliminate Canine ParvoVirus Safely with SNiPER® Disinfectant & Odor Eliminator

SNiPER® kills canine parvovirus through a mechanical action. But SNiPER® is not a poison, so it is much safer to use in your facility than other, toxic poisons that can endanger both dogs and workers. No mixing required, it is ready to use.

The highly contagious canine parvo virus can infect and spread via dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces. The effect in a closed environment (veterinary clinics, kennels, doggie daycare centers, etc.) can be devastating and quick. Wikipedia claims that the “mortality rate from this infection can reach 91% in untreated cases”.

Why Use SNiPER®?

1) SNiPER®; is non-corrosive and does not cause harm to your equipment or your environment. 

2) The EPA has awarded this product the lowest toxicity rating they give out. This means that SNiPER® is powerful enough to kill parvo, but is mild enough to wash your hands with. Using SNiPER®, you can kill the pathogen - but not the dog. And, you can do it without endangering the health of your workers.

3) SNiPER®; can be very easily and efficiently applied through a 'fogger'.

4) SNiPER® is very friendly to the environment - indoors, or out.

This new generation of technology is a giant step ahead of old-style, disinfecting products that are cheap, but are toxic, environmentally unfriendly, require special handling and are highly corrosive.

How to Apply SNiPER® in a Veterinary Clinic, Kennel, Doggie Day-Care Center, Dog Rescue, or other Community Setting, Where Dogs are Present

Equipment Needed:

  • Adjustable Nozzle Spray Bottle of SNiPER®, or
  • Portable Fogger, Fogmaster Jr, or RL 1035B Fogger
  • Clean, Absorbent Cloths
  • Bucket of water and sponges
  • Vacuum and Broom
  • Gloves

Treating Contaminated Surfaces:

Lightly Contaminated Surfaces:

  1. Remove and clean (sweep or vacuum) all floors
  2. Remove all trash and debris from surfaces
  3. Wipe down any collected dust, dirt lint or gross filth from hard surfaces
  4. Use fogger or sprayer to spray all surfaces of interior including ceilings, doors, windows, floors, floor mats, furniture with an even coat of SNiPER®. Use a fine mist setting. It is not necessary to saturate or create puddles.
  5. Allow SNiPER® to dwell for up to 3 minutes to allow the surfactant to loosen any grime or dirt that is present.
  6. Use clean, absorbent cloth(s) to wipe all surfaces thoroughly, with care given to remove all substances or gross films that may be stuck on surfaces.
  7. Evaluate the odor and gross filth mitigation of each room and repeat the cleaning cycle if needed.

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