Clean Your Aviary with SNiPER

SNiPER & Aviary Cleanliness

SNiPER may be successfully used in the aviary without fear of harming your birds.  Mess management would include cage-aviary and perch cleaning using SNiPER disinfectant and Odor Eliminator full strength. Waste trays holding litter or paper should be cleaned with SNiPER at a ratio of ½ water, ½ SNiPER. Each time litter or paper is changed. Occasional spraying with SNiPER at the above ratio will keep cages and aviaries completely sanitized and odor free.

Washable shoulder perches will be disinfected and odor free by washing in 8 oz SNiPER in a regular wash load. Shoulder perches that are vinyl or other non-machine washable products, should be sprayed heavily, rolled dry in a clean towel, or wiped with a sponge for a sanitary and odor free perch.

SNiPER carries EPA Registration for all odor remediation and disinfection. This registration ensures that SNiPER has been thoroughly tested to be safe, is hypoallergenic, non-masking, and non-toxic for all aviary equipment. Literature indicates that SNiPER is not recommended for direct application on your birds.

Using SNiPER as described above will provide an unpolluted, chemical free, sanitary, clean and sweet smelling home for you, your birds, bird babies and other household pets. You will be safe from all unwanted pathogens in the environment.

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