Clean & Disinfect your C-PAP with SNiPER Disinfectant

Can I Clean & Disinfect a C-PAP with SNiPER Disinfectant?

Your C-PAP device (machine) and associated equipment requires regular and consistent cleaning to keep it free from germs, and to allow it to perform for you with optimum results every night. The following list of suggestions will help you maintain your equipment at peak efficiency.

  1. Every morning after removing the mask, spray SNiPER Disinfectant into the mask, onto the straps and into tubing. Allow to air dry.


  2. Two times per week, soak your mask and tubing in a mixture of 50% water and 50% SNiPER Disinfectant. Add a few drops of a pure soap such as Ivory to this mixture. Allow to soak 10-15 minutes. Rinse and dry quickly and thoroughly by reattaching to the C-PAP machine and allow air to rush through the mask and tubes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is SNiPER Disinfectant safe to use on my C-PAP equipment?
    • SNiPER Disinfectant is totally safe to use on your C-PAP equipment. It will not harm the gentle plastic face mask, the tubing or fabric of the strapping mechanism.


  2. Will I smell SNiPER Disinfectant?
    • SNiPER Disinfectant is fragrance-free and leaves no odor behind, just an unpretentious sense of freshness.


  3. How does SNiPER Disinfectant work?
    • SNiPER Disinfectant is an oxidizer. It simply destroys the odor, mildew / mold, and bacteria at the SOURCE of the problem. No residues, no staining, nothing but clean.


  4. Will SNiPER Disinfectant discolor my clothing or sheets?
    • SNiPER Disinfectant is non- staining and will not discolor fabric.


  5. Why is SNiPER Disinfectant better to use than plain soap, water, or other cleaners?
    • SNiPER Disinfectant is better than plain soap and water and other cleaners, because it is also a disinfectant, and in one product, you get all three issues solved! You will destroy bacteria, viruses, germs, odors, and mold/mildew fungus spores. It is safe, economical and harmless to use anywhere.


  6. Has SNiPER Disinfectant received EPA Registration that supports these claims?
    • Yes, SNiPER Disinfectant is EPA Certified (#71700-2) as an antibacterial, antiviral agent that will also destroy mold and mildew fungus spores.