Clean and Disinfect your Microwave

What Happens When Foods spill in the Microwave Once Too Often?

The Microwave is one of the greatest devices in your kitchen, but it can also be the one where the most pathogens, bacteria, and simple odors get together to have a party. And wow, do they ever leave a stinky, nasty mess behind!

Was it the time the microwave bag burst and spattered butter everywhere? Or, maybe the bacon showered grease globs around? Have you ever tried to boil an egg in the microwave? YIKES! What a muddle that makes! And that burned smell in my microwave - what to do?

However the mess occurs, the answer to clean and sanitize your microwave in minutes is SNiPER™, the ultimate household cleaner and disinfectant. Follow these simple steps to restore your favorite kitchen appliance to like brand new; no more bad odors, no more discoloration, and no more dried on bits of food!

Application Directions:

  1. Remove all trays, or other movable objects from the interior of the microwave. Clean away all glued on food spills. Spray them generously with SNiPER™ and place in the kitchen sink to dry.

  2. Remove the filter, if possible and spray thoroughly with SNiPER™Allow to dry completely.

  3. Spray the interior of the microwave heavily with SNiPER™. If there is any ‘stuck on’ food gently scrape it away and remove scraps with paper towels or a soft cloth. Close the microwave door. Do not disturb for 3-5 minutes!

  4. Spray the exterior completely. Spray into any cracks, crevices or open places surrounding the microwave. Let these open places dry naturally. Wipe away any remaining moisture on the exterior after several minutes.

  5. Re-open the microwave door. You will immediately note that all odors have disappeared! This is your first clue that SNiPER™ has totally deodorized the interior. What you cannot see is that your microwave is also completely disinfected. SNiPER™has been given the lowest toxicity rating of any product you can order or buy from the shelf. This means that you are confidently using a product designed to disinfect, and that also kills/destroys pathogens, viruses, bacteria that invade our lives and cause us harm.

  6. Replace all cleaned items back into the microwave, take another breath of clean air, and close the door.

Simple isn’t it? A few sprays…a few scrubs…a few wipes….Things are back to the way they are supposed to be in a microwave. Clean, fresh smelling pure. That is the SNiPER™ way.