Clean and Disinfect your Refrigerator

How to Clean and Disinfect your Refrigerator or freezer using SNiPER™ Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator

It happens. Through everyday use, there are leaks, small spills and so on until - aww nawww! My fridge is yuckie!

The good news is - SNiPER kills bacteria in 60 seconds, including Staphloccus Aureus (ATCC #6538) and salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (ATCC #6539).

Here’s how to clean your fridge.

First, start removing all the things in there, throwing stuff away as needed. Then remove the racks, sliding drawers, crispers and the like. Put these into the sink and, using a sponge scrubber, start cleaning the gunk away. Rinse. Spray with SNiPER™ disinfectant and leave out to air dry.

While the racks are drying, go back to the now empty fridge and wipe away any crud while it is still dry. Then, spray all surfaces with SNiPER™. Using either a clean rag or paper towels, begin scrubbing and wiping the walls until you have cleaned everything thoroughly. Spray one more time with SNiPER and walk away, allowing the inside of the fridge to air dry as well.

Once everything is dry, begin re-assembling the racks and crisper drawers and put everything back. Your fridge is now clean and deodorized. You can follow the same procedures for the freezer section.

The short version of this is: spray, wipe, spray – and walk away.

SNiPER has been given the lowest toxicity rating that the EPA gives out. This product can, therefore, be used to safely clean and deodorize your fridge without exposing your family to highly toxic cleaners.