Cleaning a Leather Sofa with Nok-Out

smelly leather sofa

How to Deodorize a Leather Sofa using Nok-Out

First, let’s re-think leather. Since leather is the skin of an animal, the pores are much closer, thicker, and deeper than almost any fabric that is used for clothing or upholstery.

Insidious smoke and tobacco odors penetrate those pores, and if not treated regularly, will also contaminate the padding in furniture. Don’t despair! If you are patient, persistent, and committed to this task, Nok-Out will eliminate these odors.

Don’t expect results immediately. It will take time for Nok-Out to find and destroy smoke odors, as they are buried deep in padding, as well as on surface skin. Take your time on this project. Do each step with the intention that you are visibly and invisibly removing the smells forever.

With that behind us, let’s get to work.

  1. Wipe the sofa clean of any visible soil.

  2. Begin by spraying the couch completely, heavily, and all over.

  3. Are pillows present? Remove them, if possible, and treat separately following these directions. Pay particular attention to any seams, decorative buttons or piping that may be present. (This is where odor molecules are likely to penetrate first.)

  4. Let Nok-Out remain on the sofa for at least 5 minutes before wiping off.

  5. Follow these directions all over the couch, including the bottom and sides, completely.

  6. If an overhead fan is present, or if it’s a sunny day, move the couch outside in the fresh air.

  7. In 15 to 30 minutes, sniff the sofa. If odors remain, repeat the process above.

  8. Plan on at least 4 applications, Judy. Each time you spray, wait and wipe, another layer of tobacco odor is released and removed.

  9. Sit on the couch and sniff around. Every time you complete a spraying and it is dry, do the sit and sniff test again.

  10. Spray the air in the garage until you no longer smell any wisps of smoke odor. Move your couch back into the garage, and let it set overnight.

  11. Sit on the couch. Do you smell any odors? Does the garage smell OK? Do this for two days. If you smell anything at all, take the sofa outside and give it one more work over. If you can target the source of the odor, pay particular attention to this site.

  12. Try the garage test again.

  13. Now (and you think-At Last!), move the sofa to the site where it will live. Spray the air in the room to banish any odors present in this room. Let the Nok-Out application mist through the air until it is gone.

  14. The smoke odor will have been removed.

  15. Thereafter, a light misting on seams, buttons, surfaces will take care of any odors that have drifted to the surface. Spray the air with Nok-Out.

Customers sometimes tell me that after treatment with Nok-Out, smells return and spill into the room, and is a crummy odor. Remember you’re not only removing smoke and tobacco odors, but a variety of other odors as well. Food spills, cracker crumbs and spilt drinks may have been treated, but not totally removed.

For more decontamination, plan to do all further treatments where the couch lives in your house. Treat only as needed, and remember to spray lightly now. If some odors remain, they are topical and can be removed topically. Don’t use any other products, as there may be an adverse chemical reaction formed.

Thank you for using Nok-Out. I expect this process will take at least one quart of Nok-Out, perhaps a bit more for the after treatments, should they be needed.