Dairy Applications using SNiPER

SNiPER and Dairy Applications

Prescriptions for Disinfection, Odor Elimination, Air Quality, and a Healthier Environment

SNiPER eliminates odors at their source through oxidation. SNiPER has powerful, significant disinfectant properties which have been verified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Using SNiPER throughout barns will:

  • Provide a much healthier environment for all animals and their human caretakers.
  • Significantly decrease flies and fly larvae around your animals and in the barn.
  • Eliminate odors involving sour milk smells by using SNiPER to clean and disinfect milk containers
  • Stop, kill, destroy all bacterial growth.
  • Eliminate odors in manure piles before spreading on fields and in lagoons where odor is an issue.

SNiPER has Environmental Protection Agency Registration. The rigid testing verifies that SNiPER is effective against E-Coli having a significant kill ratio. It is successful against Salmonella and other viruses commonly found in livestock housing. A significant effect of using SNiPER is that you have a healthier environment for livestock, especially among young stock and in birthing barns. Ammonia and sulfide gases in birthing pens can create a major problem and the loss of many young animals. Stop this problem with SNiPER by spraying bedding and pens where young stock are kept. The loss of two or three head of cattle can easily justify the cost of using SNiPER on a regular basis.

Pertinent applications for your barns can be developed and engineered for any odor or disinfecting situation that may arise within a working environment. Commonly, certain barns are better ventilated than others, and cleaned in different ways. We can prescribe the best solution that provides your farm cost effective treatment with SNiPER. EPA Registration and further documentation or answers to other questions may be directed to Ted: 866.551.1927, email: ted@nokout.com.