Deodorize and Disinfect Sports Facilities and Equipment

How to Remove Odor from a Gym, Locker Room or Fitness Center Effectively and Efficiently

First, do the normal cleaning to remove gross dust, dirt and other contaminants. When you are ready to begin using SNiPER, remember that this product is an oxidizer and does it’s work when it comes into DIRECT CONTACT with the odor source. In general, you can spray directly on that source. However, if the area is large, you may want to consider using a fogger, which creates a fine mist making the use SNiPER very quick and efficient and thus, more economical. (SNiPER has been awarded the lowest toxicity ratings that the EPA gives out, so you need not worry about breathing this disinfectant product.)

Locker rooms and lockers - Use a fogger to spray the air, walls and ceiling. Adjust the spray settings to a larger droplet size for this application procedure. For routine maintenance, you can dilute by 4 parts water to one part SNiPER. If it is the first time to use SNiPER in a problem area, do not dilute – use it full strength to obtain maximum results. Once the area has been returned to its pristine state, you can go back to using a more dilute mix to obtain maximum efficiency.

For lockers, first remove the gear from the lockers. Using the fogger, spray thoroughly inside the areas, ensuring complete coverage. Allow to remain wet with SNiPER for 4 – 6 minutes. Spray the gear also before returning it to the lockers. For maximum effect, allow to air dry naturally. (SNiPER is mostly water and will dry at the same rate as ordinary water.)

Shower areas - If you can see mold growing in shower areas, spray directly on the mold. Allow to air dry. After 2 days the mold will have died and can then be cleaned away by scrubbing with a non-scratching scrub pad. If the moldy areas are large, use a ‘fogger’ such as the Fogmaster Jr or the RL 1035B to spray the entire area. Spraying the air will also kill spores.

For ongoing maintenance – use a fogger and fog the entire area with sniper periodically. You can dilute by 4 to 1 (water to SNiPER) for ongoing, routine maintenance.

Workout areas and floor padding – either spray and use a rag to spread SNiPER evenly across all surfaces that are exposed to sweat, or spray a rag heavily enough that you can use it to wipe down all surfaces. Allow to air dry.

Exercise equipment – spray with SNiPER and use a rag to spread SNiPER evenly across all surfaces where sweat has made contact. Do not wipe dry, but instead, allow to air dry.

Gym bags – brush away any gross stuff that might be accumulating on the fabric. Spray liberally making sure that no spots remain dry. Allow to air dry naturally. Use a gentle scrub brush to work over and remove any stubborn stains.

Sportswear – some plastic clothing can develop a stink that is hard to get rid of, because plastic is actually quite porous and the pores can become filled with sweat and microbes that produce the stink.. It is possible to simply spray the clothing items directly, but this is not very efficient. Instead, find a small washtub that is just big enough to hold all the clothing. Add enough water so that when you put the clothes in, they can be completely covered by the water. Add 3 – 6 oz of sniper and mix it a little. Add the clothes and allow to soak. The longer the soak time, the less SNiPER is required to remove the stink. You may want to experiment a bit to see what delivers best results for you.


Some things to bear in mind: SNiPER can be diluted by 6 parts water to one part SNiPER for sanitizing (kills 99.9% of germs). For first time usage or in highly contaminated areas, go with full strength for maximum effect, which is disinfecting (kills 99.999% of germs). For routine cleaning and maintenance, sanitizing is likely to be sufficient. Even with routine maintenance, you may still need to do a full treatment with undiluted SNiPER once or twice a year.

For both disinfecting and sanitizing, allow the surfaces to be cleaned to remain wet for 4 – 6 minutes. The longer it remains wet, the greater the disinfecting effect. Allowing it to air dry will produce the strongest effect.