Dogs, Cats, & Other Pet Issues


If the Problem is PET ODORS in your Home,

The Solution is Nok-Out!

Whether cat urine odors, dog urine odors - even bird urine odors - Nok-Out can handle the job and leave your home sweet smelling and sanitized.

Our dogs, cats, and other pets may be our best friend…but they can and often do leave awful smells in the house!  From being ‘skunked’ and skulking home sadly, to incontinence in our older pets, and a variety of not-so-sweet smells in between, animals can and often do change our interior environment!  You can un-pollute your home with Nok-Out!

How does it work? Nok-Out resolves this problem by eliminating the odor at the SOURCE! Listed below are some instructions for using Nok-Out. Remember that Nok-Out is totally  safe to use on and around your pets without fear of any harm to them or to you.

  1. Carpet Odors: Spray directly onto the SOURCE of the contamination. Allow to penetrate into the padding and backing of the carpet. Saturate for up to 10 minutes. Remember that liquids will ‘wick’ outwards from the site of the pollution. You should spray outwards as well in an irregular pattern. Sponge up with a clean, dry cloth. For overall carpet cleaning, a steam cleaner may be used. Place 8-10 oz. of Nok-Out in the container of the cleaner, and fill with water. Saturate, allowing Nok-Out to be absorbed into the carpet before suctioning back into the tank. (It is always prudent to check for color-fastness before applying Nok-Out. Although Nok-Out is non-staining, different dye lots may cause a color change.)


  2. Upholstery Odors: When your pet has left scent markings or other odors on your furniture, spray with Nok-Out. Saturate well into the padding where odors may still lurk. (For longstanding contamination, more than one application may be necessary.) Check out the "Upholstery Odors" document  for more information.


  3. Pet Baths:  It is safe to put Nok-Out into bath water when rinsing your pets. It can be reduced by 50% with water and retain effectiveness as a sanitizer and deodorizer.  Nok-Out can also be used straight from the bottle instead of soap or another pet shampoo. Look for the new Nok-Out Pet Shampoo coming on the market soon.  It's awesome!


  4. Kennels, Crates and Pet Bedding: Spray kennels weekly with Nok-Out. Allow to air dry. Cages may be wiped down as often as needed, or on a weekly basis. Place 8 oz. of Nok-Out in your regular laundry alongside pet bedding. Nok-Out will eliminate odors from all of your pet laundry. If washed with other items, Nok-Out will freshen them too.


  5. Odors in a pet’s coat: Spray directly onto your pet’s coat for immediate odor removal…even skunk odor! Look for the document: "SKUNKED"  for further information and application instructions to remove skunk odor completely. Avoid contact with the eyes.  It will not harm, but may sting for a few minutes.


  6. Aviary Odors: Use Nok-Out as you would any other product in the care of your bird-pets. Nok-Out is EPA Registered to enhance the environment in which your birds live. Use it to kill odor, disinfect the cage, clean the air, and much more.

Use Nok-Out for any offensive odor that may be connected with your pet. Dog urine, cat urine and other urine odors are no match for Nok-Out.  The best part is, you can  use it with confidence knowing that it has very low toxicity, is hypoallergenic, environmentally safe,  and the perfect companion to make your home and pet odor-free again!

For more on how to handle Cat urine and dog urine odors, see