E.Coli Bacteria, destroyed by SNiPER

Understanding the new E.coli Disease

Protect yourself and family with SNiPER

E. coli can be a serious intestinal infection. Most often, it is an uncomfortable bout of diarrhea and vomiting. The symptoms are generally harder on older people, people who have a compromised immune system, and young children. You can apply SNiPER to protect yourself in many ways. Wash your hands often, every time before you eat, every time you return home, and always use SNiPER as a hand wash.

  1. Cook your meats thoroughly, especially ground meats.

  2. Do water that you know is pure and clean.

  3. Stay away from unpasteurized milk products.

  4. Cook your eggs. Or, make sure they have been pasteurized as well.

  5. Take care to wash your hands with Nok-Out after you have been away on shopping trips, when you come home from the grocery store, have been in close community with other people, etc.

  6. Scrub any cutting board where fresh meat, eggs, or fresh produce has been prepared. SNiPER is a very good hand wash. It also will disinfect your kitchen boards and tools. Allow it to air dry.

  7. Spray common objects that many people use together – telephones, cell phones, computer keyboards, remote control s, etc. with SNiPER, and allow to air dry.

Did you know that you can go as much as 7 days before the symptoms of E. coli are apparent? This disease presents itself with watery, bloody diarrhea. This can last for up to two stools a day. (Use SNiPER to clean the bathroom and lavatory area after each use.) You may have a mild fever, or not. You may have nausea or vomiting. (wash any cloths use for clean-up separately in by using 8 oz of SNiPER in the washing machine.)

SNiPER is sending these simple preventive ways to keep you and your family safe from getting or sharing this latest outbreak of an old, but nasty bacteria.

Use SNiPER to prevent illness. Use SNiPER if someone in your family or home is ill. Be safe and protected, when you use SNiPER.