Eliminate Stinky Shoe Odor

remove shoe odor with Nok-Out

Eliminate Shoe Odor with Nok-Out

My kids have stinky shoes!

The gym bag smells like something died in it.

Sweaty Socks stink up the closet, laundry hamper, drawers and under the bed!

I can't get to sleep in the same room as my Teva's!

What do I do?

Nok-Out to the Rescue!

  1. If washable, spray the entire shoe with Nok-Out,  inside and out.  Remove the insole if possible, and spray heavily.  Add 8 ounces or more of Nok-Out to water for sweaty clothing, stinky shoes, or other smelly laundry.  Wash as usual.


  2. For further treatment of shoes, take out the inner sole, spray inside shoes,  paying particular attention to seams inside and outside, shoe lace openings, laces etc.  covering every inch of the shoe.  An alternative is to reduce Nok-Out by 50% with water, and soak canvas shoes in this solution for up to 10 minutes.  For either method, dry quickly after application. 


  3. Leather, or other non-washable shoes:  remove all laces (if present) and spray Nok-Out, full strength on the shoe, inside and out. Spray the outside sole of the shoe.  Remove inside sole, and spray all over.  Allow to air dry naturally and as thoroughly as possible. Repeat as needed.  Nok-Out is an oxidizer, and must reach every odor source.  Sometimes, the first application is more difficult to completely remove these odors.  Don’t be disappointed.  Nok-Out REALLY works.  Be persistent.  


  4. Spray your feet with Nok-Out!  Don't forget the toenails, and between toes!  Allow to dry for a few minutes, then wipe dry thoruoghly.   Nok-Out is not harmful to skin.  Non-toxic Nok-Out as a safe and harmless product for use on human or animal skin. 


  5. Remove all contents from the gym bag, spray the entire bag, inside and out with Nok-Out.  Dry quickly, either outdoors, or inside using a fan, or in the dryer. 


  6. Add 8 oz of Nok-Out to wash loads to continue the deodorizing process.  Repeat this every time you wash shoes.


  7. Spray clothing with Nok-Out where body odors, tobacco smoke odors, or spills and stains may have caused problems.


  8. Spray closets, the room, under the bed…anywhere mal-odors occur.


If shoe odor is a persistent issue for you, then take a proactive stance and 'dose' your shoes regularly with Nok-Out. You can give your shoes a quick spritz every day and keep those odors at bay. If you make this as part of your routine, a 'gotta throw away these shoes' problem will never develop.

For spraying fabrics, it is always prudent to test a corner of the material to test for color fastness.  Nok-Out is non-staining, but since some dyes are less well set than others, it is always a good idea to check before spraying the entire cloth.