Eliminating Musty Odors from old Books

Eliminate Musty Odors from Old Books with Nok-Out!

Books are priceless possessions!  But, on occasion they will be mistreated, left in the rain, stored under poor circumstances, become musty, mildewed and moldy. Alas! They are our friends; we've abused them! Nok-Out can remediate carelessness and the problem of mold and mildew.   Be aware that Nok-Out is a water based product, and you will need to take care to not allow printed material to become too moist too quickly, in the remediation process, & and that your treasure should be dried as rapidly as possible.

If the problem is localized, you can spray directly on the site of contamination (a simple spill of coffee?)  and repair the dilemma immediately on contact by spraying, allowing to soak for a minute or two, and then quickly wipe dry with a clean soft cloth.


If the problem is of longstanding duration, the book has been in storage, or is widespread throughout the material, special treatment is necessary.

  • Using a plastic bag larger than the printed material, spray inside with Nok-Out completely saturating the bag’s interior.


  • Quickly place the open book inside and tightly seal.


  • Allow to rest for up to three minutes.


  • Remove and dry as rapidly as possible with a fan or blow dryer set on ‘cool’.


  • When completely dry, repeat the process, with the material open to another place.


  • Again, dry quickly.


This is a process.  Odors/mildew/mustiness was laid down in increments, and this is how you will want to remove the problem.  Be patient.  Mold Stains may not be removed, but the musty smell will be eliminated, and the fungus spores destroyed.


Be especially aware that the glue in old books is especially subject to moisture.  This is the reason that you want to dry the project very quickly, and carefully.


The process may entail several treatments, but when Nok-Out gets on the SOURCE of the musty, mildewed and molded sites, it will surely eliminate the problem!  Alas.  A good book should not come to such an end.  Let Nok-Out make amends.


For further information please call or email Ted at ted@nokout.com, or 866.551.1927