Get Rid of Fireplace Odor with Nok-Out!


Cleaning Tips and Suggestions

First off, be aware that Nok-Out is an oxidizer and when it comes into DIRECT CONTACT with the source of the odor, it oxidizes that stuff, changing it into something that no longer has an odor.

There are 2 takeaway points for you: 1) It must have direct contact to be able to do what it does. 2) You should allow it to air dry naturally, because if you wipe it dry immediately, it literally has no time for the process of oxidization to take place.

  • Put down a cheap plastic drop cloth and have a trashcan with trash bags on hand.


  • (It helps to use latex gloves for this part)  Remove any residual ashes or broken and burnt pieces of wood and place them in a trash can lined with a bag.  You do NOT have to use gloves when applying Nok-Out, but this job is such a mess, it may be the neatest  way to keep your hands unstained by the soot.
  • Remove andirons if possible to one side and remove excess soot with a wire brush. Spray and wipe clean with Nok-Out.


  • Line the bottom of the fireplace with newspapers.  Place Nok-Out in a bucket, and using the wire brush, dip into Nok-Out and begin to scrub the walls.  Gather up wet newspapers and scrub the flooring of the fireplace.  Wipe residue with paper towels or cloth rags.  Spray Nok-Out on the grout, corners, any cracks or chinks of the walls and flooring of the fireplace.  Pay especial consideration to the outside of the fireplace, and the mantel as well.  Wipe/spray carefully around and in the area of the damper, Open and spray inside, if possible.


  • If doors are present, treat / spray / wipe with Nok-Out.


  • With clean rags soaked in Nok-Out, wipe down the walls around the fireplace, the molding, the threshold, bricks or any other covering where smoke odors may reside.


  • Because smoke odors are constantly drifting down from the chimney, after 5-6 hours, if there are doors present on the fireplace, close them to keep odors from re-entering through the chimney flue.


  • Repeat this procedure during cool months whenever the fireplace is cleaned out.


  • Weekly, when the fireplace is not in use, spray the exterior and interior of the fireplace with a light spray of Nok-Out, paying attention to interior corners and grout.