Get Rid of Musty Smells

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How to Treat and Remove Musty Smells

Musty smells can be irritating and are common household issues for which SNiPER™ is the best answer. SNiPER removes musty smells and kills the fungus that produces these smells safely, on contact. And because it is so safe, you don't have to worry about using a toxic cleanser in your home. Using SNiPER, you can relax and breathe easy because SNiPER never releases toxic by-products and leaves no dangerous residues!

Musty odors come from fungus growths that could be growing invisibly in your sofa cushions, draperies, or on walls or floors. SNiPER™ is a great way to get rid of musty odors in furniture, your basement, home and your life.

How to Apply SNiPER to Remove Musty Odors

To remove musty smells, use a fine mist to spray SNiPER™ directly on affected areas including walls floors and draperies. Spray until moist, making sure it is enough to penetrate to the source of the musty smells. Then, let it dry completely. If the smell returns after a day or two, re-apply SNiPER™. Several applications may be necessary to reach the source of the invisible fungal growths.

For that old overstuffed sofa with a not-so-funny smell, you must remember that SNiPER™ is an oxidizer. What this means, is that SNiPER™ needs to come into direct contact with the smelly stuff (which, in this case, is an invisible fungus) to do it's work. The fungus that is the source of musty odors may very well be growing deep in the stuffing of that old sofa. To permanently remove that musty smell, SNiPER™ must penetrate to the depths of that stuffing and come into direct contact with ALL of the smelly stuff growing there. This method ensures that you reach all the smelly fungus growing deep in the stuffing. Spray heavily enough that SNIPER™ will penetrate to the deeps of the stuffing.

If you have previously used acidic cleaners such as vinegar, first neutralize the acid with a baking soda and water solution before applying SNiPER™ so that SNiPER™ can work efficiently. Put a tablespoon of baking soda into a pint of water and spray it directly on the area where you previously used the acidic cleaner, let it dry thoroughly, then apply SNiPER™, confident that it will now do it's job efficiently and successfully.

If it is your basement which has a musty smell, try to find the sources of any water leaks that may ultimately be the source of the musty odors and spray that area directly with SNiPER™ and let it dry thoroughly. If you can't find the source, use a fogger, a common household vaporizer, or a room humidifier. Mix SNiPER™ 50/50 with water and put it into the reservoir. Close all the windows and doors and turn on the unit. It will run until it has emptied the reservoir and will automatically turn itself off. This will create a 'fog' of SNiPER™ that will evenly coat every surface in the room and will also kill any fungus or mildew spores in the air.

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