Going Green? Already did that!

Green Cleaning Products?

What does that mean, when a product claims to be 'green'?

It is not as easily defined as you might think. For one organization out there on the internet that claims to certify 'green' products, you can have a seriously dangerous and hazardous chemical but if it is in a container that has been made from recycled plastics, then they will certify that product as being 'green' because that is their definition of 'green'.

For us, 'green' means that the contents are mild and friendly to the environment, whether that environment is indoors or outdoors. For our products 'green' also means that the contents are mild and friendly to pets and people as well.

There are four safety categories which are applied to any product:

  1. toxicity to skin
  2. toxicity to eyes
  3. toxicity of inhalation
  4. toxicity of ingestion

The EPA has given our products their lowest rating for toxicity level (IV). If you accidentally sprayed some in your eyes, they would turn red from the 'soapy' component, the same as would happen if you got shampoo in your eyes, but that redness would soon disappear and you would be unharmed - the same as with shampoo.

Try that with bleach - for any of those four categories. No, no wait! - don't try that. You would regret it. This is what toxic products are all about. They are harsh and destructive to the environment. They are harsh and destructive to you, your pets, your family!

Green products, therefore, can be reasonably considered to be "mild and friendly' to the environment. Nok-Out and SNiPER both meet this standard. When using these products you can be assured that they are not corrosive. They do not release VOC's. If you get some on you - or even 'in' you, you will NOT have to make a quick trip to the hospital emergency room. If you spill some on your jeans, they won't have to be thrown away. If you breathe in some Nok-Out or SNiPER while 'fogging' for mold, it won't cause you any problem, unlike the way other corrosive and toxic cleaners might.

This is what 'green' is - mild and friendly to the environment, mild and friendly to pets and people.

Nok-Out and SNiPER - these are 'green' products.

Buy some today because you'll be glad to have it on hand when you need it!

Copyright: March 2016