Hockey Equipment Odor Removal

Remove Hockey Equipment Odors safely and easily with SNiPER™

What a great game! What wonderful exercise for grown-ups and kids alike!

What TERRIBLE SMELLS in those equipment bags!

AT LAST! Here is a modern, 21st Century Odor Remover that is powerful enough to remove those odors, but mild enough to wash your hands in. The SNiPER™ product is a powerful disinfectant, in addition to having the odor eliminating properties. So you can be assured that in addition to not stinking, your equipment will not be harboring any of the nasties that can grow in warm, damp places like equipment bags.


Here is how to apply it.

Bear in mind that these products are oxidizers that do their work when they come into direct contact with the source of the odor. When this happens, the stinky stuff is changed through oxidization, into something that no longer has an odor.

Nok-Out is EPA Registered to be totally safe to use on any hard or porous substance. It is biodegradable,  mild to you and your equipment, non-staining and non-bleaching. Because SNiPER is fragrance-free, it will not trigger any latent allergies.  Join the 21st Century Revolution in odor elimination. SNiPER is the leader!


  1. If your clothing and equipment is machine washable, put them in your washer!  Spray all clothing and equipment inside and outside prior to placing them in the washer. Then, pour 8 ounces of SNiPER in washer with no other detergents or soap. Fill with water. Place on the soak cycle, with soaking period up to 10 minutes. Continue by adding another 8 oz of  SNiPER to the wash load, and wash with detergent, as usual.

  2. If clothing or other equipment is not machine washable:
     Spray all other equipment with SNiPER, saturating completely. Don’t overlook any laces, fasteners, grommets, or other seams in the equipment. (For the initial odor removal process, it may be necessary to do this procedure more than once in order for this product to find the SOURCE of all the odor molecules.) Once odors are removed, any successive applications will not be so difficult.) Taking a soft brush, briskly scrub SNiPER into all of the equipment (inside and outside). Remember that direct contact with ALL the odor source is necessary for this product to be able to do it's work. So, this step is necessary to help SNiPER penetrate into all surfaces and to help remove body oils that have accumulated in the equipment. SNiPER is water based, but the formula has surfactants that are designed to work through oil and eliminate both human and greasy substances. Let air dry in a well-ventilated room.

  3. Spray the air where odors have migrated. A fine misting spray is best for this application. Wait a few minutes, spray again, full strength.

  4. Store hockey equipment in a closet or other storage which has also been treated with SNiPER.

  5. Before putting hockey clothing on, spray it lightly with Nok-Out. You can also spray your feet, underarms, around the neck, and anyplace sweat and human body odors accumulate. This is a preventive measure that adds another layer of protection to you and your equipment.

Nok-Out is used to remove odors.  SNiPER is a disinfectant that is registered with the EPA.  In addition to killing microbes, SNiPER can also remove odors.  Using one of these products, you can be assured that you are not bringing harsh, highly toxic cleansers into your home.

For further information about Nok-Out, please call Ted at 866 551 1927.