Hotel Restoration and Nok-Out

Hotel Restoration

Where Odors have Penetrated into substrates

Mal-Odors due to smoke from fires, excess moisture causing mold & mildew, smoke/tobacco, pet urine, odors from chronically ill persons, skunk spray, or any other noxious smell may be completely eliminated using NOK-OUT. Not being a product that masks odors, or an enzyme that consumes odors, NOK-OUT is a true deodorant that uses oxidation to change the odor to a substance that has no odor. As an oxidizer, NOK-OUT MUST BE APPLIED ON THE SOURCE OF THE ODOR TO BE  EFFECTIVE!

· Where carpet has been the site of contamination and is the source of the odor, treating with NOK-OUT may be applied by using a carpet shampooer/ cleaner, adding 12 - 16 oz of NOK-OUT to the tank, then add enough water so that the total fluid is 128 oz (one gallon)of water.  (Roughly a 10 : 1 water to Nok-Out ratio). Spray the entire carpet - but do not yet vacuum up the cleaning solution.  Allow the solution to sit on the carpet for up to 30 minutes to allow it to penetrate deeply into the layers of youcarpet and thus come into direct contact with the source of the odor.  Then, go back and vacuum up the excess fluid. Using ceiling or floor fans, dry as quickly as possible. 

· For persistent or severe odors and whenever possible, it is recommended that the carpet be removed, and the sub flooring be treated with a solution of 50% NOK-OUT and 50% water. Spray this solution using a sprayer that has a fine mist, allowing NOK-OUT to penetrate into the pores of the substrate. Let NOK-OUT saturate the sub flooring for up to 10 minutes before wiping away residue.

· If possible, remove baseboards and spray behind them as well. If this is not suitable, spray walls, and allow Nok-Out to drip behind the baseboards.

· The AC/Heating system should be sprayed with NOK-OUT at all the vents, intake air vents, AC Filter, and into ductwork, with a sprayer providing a fine, strong mist. The Fogmaster, Jr, is an excellent tool for this purpose, and is available from Osburn Distributors. Adjust the air conditioning ‘fan’ setting to ‘ON’ rather than “AUTO” for 24 hours to circulate Nok-Out through the house.

· Window coverings should be sprayed, another good application for the Fogmaster Jr. It is not necessary to mist to the point of causing dripping, but to provide good coverage, always targeting the Source of the contamination.

· Careful spraying of walls, door facings, and into the corners of each room where odor exists should be performed. It is not necessary to wipe the walls dry, unless moisture is a problem in the home. Do allow for quick drying time by turning on air conditioning fans, ceiling or floor fans.

· NOK-OUT should be poured on bathroom grout between tiles, and around the shower, tub, lavatory, and toilet. Allow it to penetrate into the grout for up to 10 minutes before wiping dry.

No matter where an odor or mold and mildew has penetrated, NOK-OUT will eliminate the odor, if care is taken to allow it to get to the site where odor molecules exist.

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