How to Remove Mattress Odors


Stinky Mattress?

Nok-Out to the Rescue!

Mattress Odors are offensive, and often difficult to remove. But, Nok-Out is the solution! Nok-Out will always remove the odor, if it makes direct contact with the source of the odor. Direct contact with all of the stinky stuff is required for Nok-Out to remove the odor. Given all the  layers that comprise your mattress, this may mean you have to think carefully about how to get Nok-Out to go deep into the mattress, where it can come into direct contact with the smelly stuff. Consequently, it is important to identify the site of the stain or contamination as far as possible, and to concentrate your efforts at that source. 

The following directions will help you end smelly nights and enjoy your sleep!

  • If the mattress is one of the newer, pillow top kind, and the site of the odor-causing agent is rather new, the odor has probably not penetrated into the sub mattress stuffing, and will be easier to remove. At the site of the odor, pour Nok-Out directly onto the contaminated spot and allow to ‘wick’ into the outer edges of the stain. Let it sit for up to 5 minutes. Sponge dry, and allow to air dry before placing clean sheets on the bed.

  • If the mattress is an older type, careful saturation of the site is required, following directions above, but covering a larger area, and allowing up to 10 minutes to ‘wick’ into the surrounding area before blotting and allowing to dry.

  • Mold & mildew poses a different issue, but the removal process is basically the same. If it is simply a surface problem, simply spraying SNiPER on the site of contamination, allowing to air dry is usually sufficient. SNiPER is a mild cleaner as well as an odor remover, and fungicide. However, older stains may not be removed entirely.  Remember that SNiPER is our fungicide product!  Nok-Out will remove any odor, but it is SNiPER that can clean mold.

  • Odors which have permeated the entire mattress, such as molds, smoke or tobacco smells, are much more difficult to remove because of the larger area of contamination. In this instance, spray the entire mattress, top, bottom and sides carefully, spraying seams, buttons (if any), and all corners, or crevices thoroughly. Allow to air dry. Do not blot away any excess. The odor will be immediately removed, but if in a few days, a smell returns, it is because the odors have leached from inside the mattress to the top. Another application is in order should this occur. Through this process, all odors will be eliminated.