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Stinky Urine Odor Problems


Wherever it happens…

Whatever causes the issue…

How to eradicate that smell from your life!


Nok-Out is the Go-To Solution.


Nok-Out is established, EPA-approved, non-toxic, and guaranteed environmentally safe. Nok-Out is an amazing product of the 21st century. No home, office, or automobile should be without this all-purpose odor remover! Nok-Out works on contact, changing a stink to a smile. Directions are simple; Nok-Out must come into direct contact with all the smelly stuff to be completely, totally effective.


Nok-Out removes urine odors easily.  Cat urine smells, dog urine smells, people urine smells - they are all no problem for Nok-Out. You can easily remove these odors from your home and life.


Urine mishaps happen. Consider medical issues, pet problems, children in the home. No matter how it happens, if pt or human urine odor is a smelly issue in your household, turn stinky into a smile with Nok-Out.


Medical Issues:

  • If the mattress or other upholstered furniture stinks of urine, apply Nok-Out as follows:

    • Spray the mattress heavily on all sides with full strength Nok-Out. Dry quickly by using fans, or opening windows. Reapply on heavily contaminated sites. In padding, liquids wick into nearby stuffing, even if is a synthetic material. Remember Nok-Out is working whenever it reaches the site of an odor. Wash all linens and contaminated clothing regularly with Nok-Out. (See dilution rate below.) Reapply Nok-Out to a mattress as quickly as you notice new dampness. This is how you stop the urine odor from happening!

    • In the case of furniture, remove any pillows, (If washable, launder with diluted Nok-Out. See dilution rate below.) Spray the upholstered fabric underneath, and sides, as well. Using an overhead fan, or by opening windows, speed the drying process. Nok-Out begins to work immediately, as it dries. Because the padding is thick and massive, this step may take several applications. A mattress requires more applications, if the urination has been frequent and hasn’t been treated with Nok-Out.

    • Spray your hands often with Nok-Out. It disinfects and prevents pathogens from being passed on!

    • Spray the air after you have cleaned the mattress or other furniture. Use Nok-Out straight from the bottle to decontaminate and cleanse the air.


Children’s accidents:

As a teacher once told me, “Some children simply become too focused, are too engaged with an activity, or basically don’t feel the urge to urinate until it is too late!”

From the beginning, babies and children are encouraged to urinate or defecate on the toilet. During toilet training, accidents simply happen! During this process, Nok-Out really is a mom’s best friend.

  • Always wash children’s clothing in Nok-Out (See dilution ratio below).

  • Spray tiny hands (and yours too) with Nok-Out. Air dry if possible, or use a fresh towel to wipe.

  • Spray the toilet bowl, toilet seat, floor with Nok-Out. More complete directions can be found at www.nokout.com/Remove-Bathroom-Odor-and-Disinfect-too.html.

  • Clean any sites which may be urine-contaminated with Nok-Out. The sooner you discover and spray with Nok-Out, the quicker the odor is gone!

  • Nok-Out is safe to use on skin. If a diaper rash occurs, spray Nok-Out (dilute 1:1 with filtered water and spray lightly on the skin. Allow to dry, and use your favorite healing ointment to speed healing.

  • Spray all plastic toys with full-strength Nok-Out. Wash stuffed toys with Nok-Out. This will really stop the spread of nasty germs. Nok-Out is “a must” for day-care facilities!


Pet Smells:

  • Litter box odor removal:

    • Discard old litter. Wash box with warm soapy water, and rinse well. Spray the bottom and sides of the litter box with Nok-Out and allow to air dry for a few minutes. Replace litter. Spray the litter heavily with Nok-Out. (Cats will dig around after using the box, and will mix Nok-Out into the whole litter material.) Every day, remove clumped litter, and spray the box all over, inside and out with Nok-Out.

  • Shampoo:

    • Nok-Out makes dynamite Pet Shampoo! It not only cleans your pet beautifully, it also leaves fur fluffy and free from all odors. You can order it here: https://www.nokout.com/Pet-Shampoo/

  • Pet urine odor in dirt:

    • When soil is dry, take a hand garden fork and begin disturbing the dirt down about 2 inches. Spray with full strength Nok-Out. Replace soil, and spray the surface heavily with Nok-Out. Let dry naturally.

    • A crawl space under your house is a great place for skunks to hide. Apply Nok-Out using the method above, dig about 1 foot outward from the contaminated site. Dig about 2 inches into the contaminated site. Spray the entire area, let dry. Replace the dirt and disturb it before heavily spraying the topsoil. Skunk Odor is truly powerful! But, Nok-Out pulls a stronger punch. Use it liberally wherever skunk odor may be present.

*Nok-Out will not prevent animals from revisiting the site. Research online for ways to deter a return visit.


Wood, Laminate, Tile, Linoleum, Granite, and Concrete Surfaces:


  • Curiously, solid façades collect urine odors, too. These odors linger on the surface and may become embedded. When grout is used to meld tile, concrete or granite surfaces, you can be sure that odors collect in this porous material. Nok-Out can be applied as follows:

    • GROUT - Clean the surfaces with Nok-Out, using a dilution rate of 50/50 with water. When dry, spray a stream of full-strength Nok-Out onto grout between tiles, using a soft toothbrush, scrub Nok-Out into the tile. Dry completely. If any remnant of odor remains, or if it reappears later, reapply as above. If odors have gone deeply into the grout, they will surface in a day or two, whereupon you can spray again into the grout. Even old urine odors will be neutralized and destroyed by Nok-Out.

    • Other hard surfaces, such as laminate or natural wood flooring, linoleum or terrazzo flooring are somewhat easier to clean. Mop or sponge full-strength Nok-Out on all flooring. Pay particular attention to corners, under cupboards, around baseboards. Cats have a habit of spraying baseboards, and about three inches above. If urine odors come from the wall, such a porous surface may require more than one application, but you will find success immediately, and completely by following these directions.

If you have a particular Urine Odor problem, please let us know. We have representatives available to help you 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday, EST. 866.551.1927 or ted@nokout.com.


*Dilution Rate:   3-parts Nok-Out to 1-part water



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