Kitchen Clean-Up & Disinfection with Nok-Out

Disinfect & Clean your Kitchen with  SNiPER!

Use SNiPER for good cleaning techniques to remove odors and provide total disinfection in your kitchen. Your family deserves it!

EPA Reg. No. 71700-2

What is the Right Level of Clean for You?

General Surface Cleaning: This procedure physically removes all visible dirt and organic matter, and all microbes. Normally, scrubbing, with soaps and detergents loaded with chemicals is how we do it on a nightly basis. That's the basic clean. This sort of cleaning physically removes visible dirty and organic matter, and some microbes. In some cases, general cleaning is the highest level of cleaning necessary for routine tasks in the kitchen. However, for most people, clean-up habits in the kitchen can be vastly improved using Nok-Out / SNiPER.

After cleaning all evidence of organic matter or other contamination, and by merely spraying a surface with Nok-Out / SNiPER, you have achieved a higher level than that described above.

Sanitizing (not disinfecting), (generally speaking) kills 99.9% of germs within 30 seconds. Most homes desire no more than this for everday living.  Sanitizing is appropriate for food preparation surfaces

Disinfecting is defined as 99.999% kill, within 5 - 10 minutes, of vegetative bacteria, targeted viruses, fungi, and a reduction of the risk of infection from microbiological contamination in your home kitchen. SNiPER is the safe choice to remediate toxic chemical (and smelly) solutions. The Environmental Protection Agency has registered SNiPER to be effective as a germicidal, microbial, viricidal, mildicide product. SNiPER has obtained the highest level of disinfection by this agency that can be awarded to any product! When your good sense wants this level of clean, and your health is better for it, choose SNiPER for your kitchen clean-up.

Evaluate the level of cleanliness & hygiene that is required for the safety and well-being of your family and pets. Use Nok-Out as directed and know that you have chosen the highest level of clean, and the most effective disinfectant on the market today! Choose carefully for your family. Choose Nok-Out to eliminate unwanted odors and for general household cleaning.  Use SNiPER when you want to add safe, non toxic / non corrosive disinfecting as well as odor eliminating, to your cleaning products.