Litter Box Odors

Purr-fect Control For Litter Box Odors!

NOK-Out! Application Procedures:


The location of the litter box is an important aspect of preventing problems using the box. Site the cat’s box away from food receptacles, and away from windows and doors, which rival cats might view. Allow your cats a little peace and privacy where noise levels are usually low, and where family activities are not occurring.


(Some cautions to consider):

Your cat may avoid or urinate near its box, if the substrate becomes too soiled, the smell of urine too concentrated by a cover, if the box is too small, or if there are too many cats per box. If your cat loves his/her litter, if the box is well placed, and all is going well (except for the urine odor), you are ready to begin using Nok-Out.

Spray NokOut on the bottom of the clean litter box. (Cats do not like cleaners that leave a disinfectant or ‘masking’ odor. Cleaning too thoroughly may also take away the ‘tail pheromone’ that cats’ leave to assure themselves this is a good place to eliminate.) After filling the box with a litter that your cat is accustomed to and likes, lightly spray the top of the litter. Every time you remove solid wastes, spray again lightly. Nok-Out is odor free, and leaves no remnant smell to offend your cats! However, Nok-Out does have residual effects that continue to combat odors long after it is dry. It will extend the life of your litter because no odor will affront you or your pet, and the box will remain sanitary and clean. Nok-Out destroys bacteria, viruses, fungus spores and germs that cause odor, and can create disease problems.


You may spray Nok-Out directly on a cat’s fur to remove odors. Nok-Out is non-toxic and will not affect skin or fur and it won't hurt them if they lick it off. When bathing your cat, add 1 cup to bath water for continual odor removal and sanitizing of skin and fur from surface bacteria and viruses. (Always protect the eyes when using any product!)

When used according to the directions above, Nok-Out  eliminates organic and inorganic sources of odor pollution through a process of oxidization. As long as you can get Nok-Out to come into direct contact with the source of the odor, it will do a great job for you. Nok-Out is cumulative in its odor elimination effects, is hypoallergenic, and safe to use on and around your household animals.