Luggage with a Musty smell



The Musty Smelling Suitcase

How to fix the smelly suitcase problem with Nok-Out or SNiPER

QUESTION: “ I recently purchased a musty smelling vintage suitcase. It is lined with a silky type fabric. It also has a mirror with a slotted piece of cardboard, and is covered with a vinyl type material. Will Nok-Out take the musty smell out of everything?”

ANSWER: Yes, Nok-Out is designed to remove odors from any hard or porous surface. Nok-Out works because of the unique formula which uses chlorine dioxide, a known deodorizer, that removes any smell upon contact. In order for Nok-Out to be completely effective, it is important that it reach all areas of the odor contaminated object.

Follow these steps for perfect results every time.

  1. Remove all debris from both the interior and exterior of the suitcase. Note small tears or rips in fabric or exterior covering.

  2. Begin with the Interior of the suitcase. Spray lining liberally, but not soaking wet. Pay particular attention to any tears or nicks in the fabric or interior fasteners. Allow to air dry up to 5 minutes or until completely dry.

  3. Leaving the suitcase open, begin spraying the exterior. Fasteners can also accumulate odor molecules. Spray them carefully, but not until wet. Dampen a clean cloth with Nok-Out. Rub it over the exterior of the suitcase, covering all cracks, crevices, and stitching. Allow to air dry.

Because odors have been added to this suitcase over a period of time, they are removed, one layer at a time. You can plan on at least two applications with full drying time in between spraying to complete the job.

Nok-Out is a proven odor eliminator that works using a new generation of technology to eradicate smells. It is an organic, green product which is noted for leaving no odor behind. Simply a delightful lack of odor.