Nok-Out and the Environment

Nok-Out / SNiPER™ and the Environment


The special properties of chlorine dioxide make it an ideal choice for formulating products that meet the challenges of today’s environmentally concerned world. It is an ideal replacement for chlorine, providing all of chlorine’s benefits without any of its weaknesses and detriments. Most importantly, chlorine dioxide does not chlorinate organic materials, and so does not contribute to the formation of dioxins. When chlorine dioxide is used in water treatment applications, there is a significant decrease in the formation of trihalomethanes (THMs) haloacetic acids (HAAa) and other undesirable chlorinated organic compounds. Other properties of chlorine dioxide which also make it more effective than chlorine, thus requiring a lower dose and resulting in a lower environmental impact, include:

  • It is a more selective oxidizing agent than chlorine.
  • It has 2.6 times the oxidizing capacity of chlorine.
  • Unlike chlorine, it does not react with most organic compounds.
  • Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide is biocidal over a very broad pH range.

Finally, unlike chlorine, properly stabilized formulations of chlorine dioxide are completely safe to handle, and have an excellent shelf life.

Major Uses:

Chlorine dioxide is an excellent biocide, and an amazing, very effective odor control agent. The majority of all applications using chlorine dioxide formulations involve the control of microorganisms and/or of the odors that they produce:

  • Odor control by oxidation of hydrogen sulfide and organo-sulfur compounds
  • Toxic chemical destruction by the oxidation of phenols and mercaptans
  • Bacterial control in cooling water -  including Bio-Films
  • Bacterial control in paper processing
  • Sanitizing the uncut fruits and vegetables
  • Controlling bacteria in produce flume water
  • Controlling bacteria in poultry processing
  • Controlling bacteria in beverage and brewing equipment
  • Sanitizing food processing facilities ad equipment

To eliminate odors effectively, Nok-Out/SNiPER™ must come in contact with the SOURCE of the odor problem!  SNiPER™ is registered with the EPA as a Hospital Disinfectant grade product and has the lowest toxicity rating that they hand out  (Category IV). SNiPER™ is strong enough to kill canine parvovirus, but safe enough to wash your hands in. EPA registration #s 71700-2.  Nok-Out is our Odor Eliminator.