Nok-Out makes Hunters & Fishermen odor free

Hunters! Nok-Out makes you Odor-Free!

Bag your game & Fetch your catch!  

Nok-Out is not a cover-up scent, or enzymatic deodorizer, and cannot be used like other deodorizers.  In order to convert the human odor, it must come into contact with the source of the odors whether that source is you, your clothing, or your skin.

Nok-Out is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-staining, hypoallergenic.  It will not cover up an odor…it will destroy it…any odor…anywhere…anytime!  Your prey will not know you are there!

Testimonial from a bow hunter

I am a deer hunter and hunt with a crossbow, meaning I must get very close to a deer to insure a good, clean shot.  Deer have a keen sense of smell, as any hunter will tell you. I've tried many products to confuse them.  I sprayed my hunting clothes with Nok-Out on advice from a friend.  I have never seen anything like it!  I was sitting in my tree stand and had a deer approach me from downwind, and it didn't have a clue that I was even there, it actually came to within 5' of my tree stand, and just stood there looking around.  On two previous occasions under similar conditions, and using different products, the deer had picked up my scent and moved off before I could even see them clearly.  Your product is AMAZING!  Larry


Clothing Use directly on clothing to deodorize and effectively clean the area.  You’ll also remove all hint of human odor.

Laundry:  Add about 8 ounces of Nok-Out to water in each load to remove all odors.      

Guns, Knives:  Spray directly on the surfaces.  Nok-Out is a water-based Broad Spectrum Disinfectant.

Bedding: Fog or spray the area before bedding is in place.  Then spray bedding with Nok-Out.

Blinds & Stands Spray, wipe or mop directly on the surface.  Fog area to reach all surfaces.

Cabins:   For best results, use Nok-Out in a power fogger to eliminate musty odors caused by poor ventilation, mold and mildew.

Skin:  Spray on skin and hair, and clothing.  Before dressing, rinse your body with a Nok-Out solution to remove all body odors, for your scent to remain invisible to animals.

 Field Dressing:Use before, during and after field dressing.

  •  Before:  Spray carcass
  •  During:  Eliminate the smell of blood, urine, or glandular secretions.
  •   After:  Spray and/or wash knives, clothing, coolers, and other items to disinfect and deodorize all odors.

Hunter's Protocol to remove Human odors prior to your hunt

  1. Wash all hunting clothing, add 6 - 8 oz. of Nok Out to the rinse cycle.

  2. When clothes have dried, seal clothing in plastic garbage bag, you can add some leaves, grass, small twigs etc., (things that are local to where your stand is located) Do not remove clothing from the bag until you are going out in the field to hunt.

  3. Once you get to your hunting spot or camp, lightly mist your whole body with Nok Out Odor Eliminator. (pay special attention to the underarms and groin areas). Spray a fine mist in the air and let it settle on your head then comb through your hair. Take your clothing out of the sealed bag and get dressed. Don’t forget to spray your weapon(s) and back packs also.

  4. Before leaving your hunt camp after breakfast, re-spray all your clothing to rid yourself of camp odors, such as bacon & eggs, burnt toast, tobacco, car exhaust, etc.

  5. Boots hold a lot of odors and should be sprayed both inside and out daily (including the soles).

  6. Smokers should spray their clothing after smoking as well as their blind and tree stands.

  7. Spray ground blinds as you enter and around the outside to help prevent critters from entering the blind, such as spiders and mice.

  8. Once you get to your tree stand, you should spray a 10 ft. radius on the ground at the base of the tree, then climb up in your stand. Once you are settled in, give yourself a fine mist of Nok Out Odor Eliminator and your scent will be invisible to any animal in the area.

  9. Always apply Nok Out lightly, because Nok Out has to dry to work completely. You can always re-apply more Nok Out as required from time to time.


Clothing: Use directly on clothing to deodorize and effectively clean the area.

Laundry:   Add 8 oz of Nok-Out to water of each load.

Fishing Equipment:  Spray fishing line, lures, poles and stringers before and after use.

Live Wells:   Spray or wash all live well surfaces.

Boats, Other Watercraft:  Spray, wipe or mop directly on the surface.  Works especially well when bringing boat out of storage!  

Hands & Skin:  Spray directly on skin or hands to remove human scent.  Works well after handling bait.

Storage Area: For best results, use a power mister / fogger. An ordinary vaporizer will work just as well.