Overview of SNiPER Hospital Disinfectant & Odor Eliminator

SNiPER™ Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator Overview

Bactericide, Fungicide, Viricide, Sporicide, and Germicide

SNiPER™ is designed to Destroy Micro-Organisms that cause Disease, Spoilage, and Mal-Odor!

According to the Federal Center for Disease Control, a thorough cleaning of sinks, toilets, doorknobs, and other hard surfaces that people frequently touch is the first and most important step in preventing the spread of disease. Even though a good cleaning removes germs on these surfaces, if any are left behind, they soon begin to grow and re-accumulate. Therefore, to be safe, most people also use a disinfectant product to kill the bacteria and viruses that are present in our environment. SNiPER™ is the product that will most efficiently do these jobs, will retain all of the above features, and is still the perfect tool for total odor elimination. SNiPER™, the all-purpose cleaner, deodorizer, renowned for up-to-date performance.

When you purchase SNiPER™ or Nok-Out, you can be assured that you are getting a product that has extremely low toxicity, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, non-corrosive, and safe to use on all hard and porous surfaces. There is nothing in SNiPER™ (or Nok-Out) that can harm you, your family and your pets. SNiPER™, the safest, most dependable deodorizer and disinfectant on the market today!

Commercial and Domestic Applications:

  1. In facilities that are used to manufacture, prepare, and store foods.


  2. Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast Accommodations
    1. Smoke/Tobacco Elimination and disinfection, in all meeting rooms, bedrooms, public areas, lobby, halls, bathrooms, Dining Rooms, all Hard and Porous Surface de-contamination etc.
  3. In Schools
    1. Bathrooms
    2. Kitchen/Dining Areas
    3. Gyms, Locker Rooms, Bathing Facilities
    4. School Buses
    5. Classrooms, Classroom desks, chairs, etc
  4. Public Health Facilities
    1. Rehabilitation & Nursing Care Facilities
    2. Long Term Care Residential Facilities
    3. Veterinarian Hospitals and Treatment Rooms
    4. Hospitals
    5. Dental Clinics
    6. therapy rooms,
    7. massage tables
    8. bathing facilities
  5. Rental Agencies
    1. Rental Vehicles
    2. Storage Buildings, or Rooms
    3. Rental Homes & Apartments
  6. Sporting Activities and Equipment
    1. Removes all odors from equipment and clothing
    2. Disinfects equipment, facilities, bathroom, dressing areas, etc.
  7. Cooling Towers
    1. Prevents and removes biofilms including Legionella Bacteria.
  8. Pets, Veterinarian Clinics, Kennels, Horse Barns, Pet Spa’s, etc.
    1. Disinfect, remove odors, remove mold, mildew
    2. Kills Canine Parvovirus - without killing the pets
  9. Police and Security personnel
    1. Safely disinfect and deodorize body armor
    2. Safely disinfect police cars and K-9 units - including the canine!


  1. Disinfects without contributing to indoor air pollution
  2. Eliminates Fungus Spores
  3. Does Not mask Odors
  4. Eliminates Odors at the Source
  5. Simple, safe, and economical application process
  6. Hypoallergenic
  7. Extremely low-Toxicity (EPA IV rating in all four categories)
  8. Non-corrosive
  9. Strong enough to kill Canine Parvovirus - mild enough to wash your hands in

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