Protect your Horse while Transporting with SNiPER

Transport Your Horse Safely…Use SNiPER!

The Solution to Issues of Odor and Health when Transporting your Horse!

The transportation of your horses to and from horse shows, rodeos, training events, or simply from one site to another pose interesting problems for the horse owner. Odors and pathogens of significance (germs, bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew spores) can collect in the closed environment of the horse trailer, even on short trips. It is simply smart to keep your horse trailer as clean and free from debris as you do the truck that hauls it.

Many off-the-shelf disinfectants and cleaners are poisons and, therefore, are also lethal agents to animals, humans and the environment! Care must be taken to use products that do the job, but that do no harm to anything else! There are a finite number of ways to do this task, to create a healthy environment wherever you go with your animals (dogs included!), so choosing a safe, dependable, and low-toxicity product is of paramount importance when transporting your horse to and from events and sites. SNiPER is the 21st Century Product to keep your horse healthy, free from invasive pests, parasites, and other harmful pathogens.

Have you discovered SNiPER yet? Here’s why you need it:

  1. SNiPER® is not a poison - it works by a mechanical action and acts very swiftly.
  2. SNiPER is EPA Registered to kill all pathogens of significance (bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew spores). It is ready to use on or around humans and animals.
  3. Requires no mixing
  4. SNiPER is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-cationic (does not react with metals, plastics, or hard surfaces).
  5. Independent Lab Testing proves that SNiPER has high efficacy when used around animals or humans. It requires no special equipment or precautions when applying. As with any product, take care to keep away from eyes. SNiPER will not harm eyes, but will sting from the 'soapy' component in our formulation.
  6. SNiPER can be used in a variety of places, in the horse barn, and trailers. Try it on horse blankets, leather straps, halters, etc!

Go here for more information about Lab Results and testing procedures.

  1. SNiPER WILL eliminate all odors. When applied as directed, SNiPER WILL destroy bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew.
  2. SNiPER is safe for all hard or porous surfaces.
  3. SNiPER protects your horse from harmful fly bites.
  4. Removes ammonia contamination in barns on contact.

And, here is how to apply it!

For simple cleaning/deodorizing at the arena, or a show:

Simply Spray the interior of the trailer thoroughly, wetting all surfaces completely with a fine misting sprayer. Do this each time horses are housed in or use the trailer.

For a Thorough Cleaning/Deodorizing Application

  • Remove all mats, sweep out any debris, and hose down the interior of the trailer with a strong stream of fresh water.
  • Spray the interior of the trailer with SNiPER using a fine misting sprayer paying attention to all cracks, crevices, fasteners for windows or doors, etc.
  • Allow SNiPER to remain on all surfaces until it has air-dried . Do NOT RINSE!
  • While SNiPER is penetrating inside the trailer, brush or wash any solids from the floor mats, then spray SNiPER heavily on all surfaces.

BONUS: SNiPER will protect your horse from biting flies! REALLY and TRULY!

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