Recreational Vehicles Clean-up Tips

Nok-Out is not a cover-up, a scent, or an enzymatic deodorizer. Nok-Out is a True Product of the 21st Century! It has very low toxicity, is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, non-flammable, odor free, and completely safe to use When you get Nok-Out on the Source of the Contamination, be assured that this powerful product is ready to go to work.

How to Apply Nok-Out in your vehicle

When opening the camper for the season, and after each trip or when preparing for a simple deodorizing of your vehicle:

  • Wipe down all hard surfaces with Nok-Out. You may either use a cloth that has been saturated with Nok-Out, or spray and wipe clean.
  • If closets are present, spray and wipe with Nok-Out.
  • If a bathroom & toilets are incorporated into the RV, spray and wipe toilet bowl, grout around the toilet, as well as the seat, top and inside the bowl. Spray and wipe the basin in the bathroom. Wipe doorknobs, handles on faucets, and countertops.
  • Remove sheets, spray and wipe the mattresses with Nok-Out. Allow to air dry before storing. Wash all linens in a washer with 8 oz of Nok-Out.
  • In the kitchen area; spray Nok-Out on all counter-tops, sink, microwave (inside and outside) stovetop, and any other surface in the areas. You may spray the air and all window coverings all over the vehicle.
  • Place 4-6 oz. down all drains, Do not flush with water.
  • If holding tanks are present, after each trip, empty tank as usual, and place 4 oz. of Nok-Out in the tank. Allow Nok-Out to remain in the tank until the next use.



  • Put 8 oz. of Nok-Out in the laundry rinse water for all items you plan to wash.
  • Spray and wipe all washable fabric surfaces with Nok-Out. Allow to air dry completely.



SNIPER is our EPA Registered Mold Cleaner!

  • Use SNiPER to scrub away all signs of mildew and slime using a scrub brush. Apply to windowsills, bathroom, closets, kitchen appliances, and anywhere mildew has manifested itself.
  • Apply SNiPER heavily at these sites. A fogger, or hand-held sprayer is perfect to reach all areas of a camper where molds and mildew may be hiding. SNiPER will kill the fungi spores and roots that have shown themselves in black spots, but it will not always remove the stain itself. Once the stain is eradicated, and SNiPER is applied, if kept dry, molds and mold spores will not re-appear.



Add at least 4 oz. per gallon of water in the holding tank. It is best to add prior to departure, so mixture can splash all surfaces while driving. Maintenance every 5 days.

Black water tank: pour 6-8 ounces into the stool for the tank. (more if it has been a time since you dumped). After dumping, flush the same amount in the tank, and add a little water, so that while driving, it sloshes in the tank, and deodorizes.

Grey water tank: Add about 2 ounces in all of the sinks, bath tub, etc. Allow to drip through the lines for up to 3 minutes, then flush with water. This method will deodorize the traps, and also the tank for no smell. Complete task as above in Black water Tank.

Galley tank: Follow above directions as Grey Water Tank.