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Disinfect Safely with SNiPER™ Disinfectant

The Kind and Gentle Approach to Eliminate Odors attributed to illness or Disease.

SNiPER™ Disinfectant is where you stop looking for disinfectants!  The Environmental Protection Agency determined, through extensive laboratory testing, that SNiPER™ Disinfectant has many applications for people with long term illness.  For example, Hospital Disinfectant SNiPER™ Disinfectant eliminates odors attributed to illness, also disinfecting and deodorizing the equipment of both short and long term issues. Sickroom or nursing home smells and the odors of temporary or longstanding illness are offensive to the caregiver, and can contribute to depression of caregivers and persons who experience a long term illness. Follow the directions below to obtain these results: a clean, totally fresh environment for the individual, an EPA registered disinfectant, that is purely odor-free, totally biodegradable, and completely safe in all circumstances. If you are searching for a disinfectant and deodorizing product for hospice, or home healthcare, then SNiPER™ Disinfectant is the Product for YOU!

Procedures for using SNiPER™ Disinfectant in Healthcare Settings:

SNiPER™ Disinfectant is ideal for individuals who use and must clean tracheostomy catheters after suctioning. SNiPER™ Disinfectant may safely be used for both deodorizing and disinfecting issues.  Pour a few ounces of SNiPER™ Disinfectant into a small clean container and suction SNiPER™ Disinfectant through the catheter until it is free of mucus. Wipe the outside of the catheter with gauze that has been moistened with SNiPER™ Disinfectant. Suction sterile salt water through the catheter and suction air until the catheter is free of all liquids. Allow to air dry. You may safely use SNiPER™ Disinfectant to clean and disinfect your suction machine and humidifier.

Persons with an Ostomy may use SNiPER™ Disinfectant by adding 1 oz. to the bag as a highly effective ostomy deodorant and ostomy cleaner with no harmful side effects, but with powerful disinfecting attributes. No ostomy deodorants and ostomy cleaners on the market today are as effective as Hospital Disinfectant SNiPER™ !

Where body braces or prostheses are being used, SNiPER™ Disinfectant may be sprayed directly on the appliance, or on the body to remove common odors associated with close contact to the body. Regular cleaning of other medical appliances such as a C-PAP are recommended by nurses and medical tech staff. They may be cleaned and disinfected with SNiPER™ Disinfectant, providing a sweet smelling and totally clean appliance, one which will not allow mold & mildew spores to grow.

Wheelchairs are often the source of body odors, and are difficult to remove. Spray the seat, armrest, back, and bottom of the chair for best results. Allow the wheelchair to air dry. There is a residual effect when using SNiPER™ Disinfectant. If an accident occurs, odor elimination is still effective.

After surgery for obesity, unwanted odors (such as flatulence) may permeate the room. This is also true in the case of persons with certain cancers. Spray SNiPER™ Disinfectant liberally in the air, misting into the ceilings, on the window coverings, and particularly high up into the room. Circulate air with a ceiling or floor fan for best distribution.

Spray SNiPER Disinfectant around urinals and toilets, and allow to air dry for long-lasting odor removal. A daily spray will remove all offensive odors completely.

When changing bed linens, apply SNiPER™ Disinfectant to soiled sheets before putting them into a linen hamper. This will inhibit odor production. Before placing clean sheets on the bed, spray SNiPER™ Disinfectant on the mattress cover, or egg crate protector, and allow to dry for a few minutes. You will find a residual protection in this method.

If a person is allergic to laundry soap, adding 4 oz. of SNiPER™ Disinfectant for every 10 gallons of water in the washer can eliminate the soap enzyme. SNiPER can be sprayed directly on the skin to help with skin issues such as bedsores, MRSA and the like. Patients allergic to deodorants can use SNiPER™ Disinfectant to eliminate body odors.

Smelly mattresses and mattress pads may be rescued from body secretion odors. Long-standing odors may pose a more difficult application procedure but once SNiPER™ Disinfectant gets on the SOURCE of the problem, it is gone.

Sponge or spray SNiPER™ Disinfectant directly on bed sores or other suppurating wounds soothes at the site. SNiPER™ Disinfectant will destroy bacteria that cause mal-odors and which allow recommended salves and ointments to be more effective. SNiPER™ Disinfectant is EPA registered to be safe to apply even to fragile, delicate skin.

The air in a room where chronic illnesses are present can be restored daily to a fresh, fragrance free environment with a quick misting spray of SNiPER™ Disinfectant.

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