Remove Odors from Sports Equipment

Smelly Sports Equipment Got you Down? SNiPER can fix that!

Whether it is ice hockey, American football, soccer or any other sport that requires protective gear, the gear that is used  for protection is highly likely to absorb sweat and begin to stink. The stink comes from microbes that are eating the salts and other nutrients in sweat, and excreting –  stink.  Those microbes need water and food to live, like every other organism on the planet, and their food and water comes from your sweat.  So if  you only throw your sweaty equipment into the gear bag and walk away, those little microbes will multiply like crazy - and release a eye-watering odor that permeates an entire indoor environment.

SNiPER works by breaking down the microbial source of an odor and killing the microbes. This removes the stink. Your shoulder pads, shin gards and helmet will have no smell at all after treatment with SNiPER Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator.  It is easy and, just as important, safe!  The EPA has given SNiPER their lowest rating for toxicity.  For more information, see: //

How to remove the odor from sports equipment.

What You Will Need

  • Adjustable Nozzle Spray Bottle with SNiPER®
  • Clean sponge and clean absorbent cloth(s)
  • Deep sink or wash tub and water source

How to Clean Sports Equipment using SNiPER

The following instructions are general and can be applied to any equipment regardless of which sport the equipment supports.

  1. If possible, remove any liners from outer shell of gear to be cleaned.

  2. Arrange gear so that as much surface as possible will be exposed for cleaning. Remember: SNiPER® must touch the source of the odor or microbe to eliminate it.

  3. Use a spray bottle to spray an even coat of SNiPER® on all contaminated and surrounding surfaces of the gear including all sides, any liner assembly and padding. Note: It is not necessary to saturate or cause puddling of product. 

  4. Allow the SNiPER® to dwell for one to three minutes to allow the surfactant to loosen any grime or dirt that is present.

  5. Hand wash the surfaces of the gear including liner assembly with a lightly dampened clean sponge or clean cloth. Use care to wipe all surfaces very thoroughly to remove all substances or gross filth that may be stuck on surfaces. (The microbes eat and grow in that crud, so removing it deprives them of a food source.)

  6. Evaluate the odor and gross filth mitigation and repeat the cleaning cycle if needed.

  7. For lasting disinfection and deodorization, use a spray bottle to spray a light even coat of SNiPER® on all surfaces of the gear.

  8. Allow to dry.


Dry your gear after every use.  Without a water source - your sweat! - those microbes can't do much.  Hang it to dry.   Once a week or so, remove the pads and soft pieces and if possible, throw them into the washer.  Soak the hard gear in a tub of plain old water.  This will leach out the salts and take away the microbes food source.  No food?  No water?  No microbial action resulting in odor.

If you still have questions, give Ted a call at 866 551 1927.