Remove Odors from your boat

NokOut and Unpleasant Boat Odors

Even the most pristine of boats, yachts, dingies, sailboats, or other craft will develop odors, over time. The skipper who wants the fresh smell of the sea in his/her boat does not want smells of mildew, mold, bilge, and fresh water sources to ruin the beauty of the vessel and the sea.

Nok-Out will not only keep your boat clean-smelling throughout, but will remove molds and mildew, and will sanitize the head, galley, and salon.


 Problem:  Bad taste and odors in Potable Water

 Solution:  Nok-Out is valuable for removing both bad taste and odors in Potable Waters.   Use it as a polishing treatment for waters containing sulfides, chlorophenol and  other organic materials contributing to objectionable taste and odor.  At, or just before the clear well, add NOK-OUT by proportioning pump or gravity feed.  You may use up to 60-PPM Nok-Out.  For the removal of chlorophenol taste, use one ounce per 2,500 gallons.


Problem:  Odors emanating from Holding Tanks.

Solution:  Add at least four (4) ounces per gallon of water in the holding tank.  It is best to add Nok-Out to the tank prior to departure, so mixture can splash all surfaces while under way.  Maintenance is every five (5) days.


Problem:  Odors from Gray Water.

Solution:  Add at least two (2) ounces per gallon of gray water to be treated.


 Problem:  Odors in the head, from toilet splashes or overflows.

Solution:  Spray NOK-OUT to clean odors from around and inside the toilet.  Use care to spray and wipe the entire head, floors, and  lavatory,


Problem:  Odors in the galley.

Solution:  Spraying NOK-OUT on the countertops, in the refrigerator, on the microwave vents, trash disposal containers,  on tables removes all food odors.  Use six (6) ounces per gallon of mop water in the galley, sole, and head floors.


 Problem:  Molds and Mildew collecting while boat is in storage, or during voyages (USE SNiPER FOR THIS! Nok-Out does not kill mold, but it will remove the odor.)

 Solution:   Before storage, spray (at 100%) places most likely to collect mildew & fungus spores.  Allow to air dry.  The residual effects of SNiPER will prohibit molds from growing as quickly or to a great extent during storage.  When brought out from storage, clean any new growth of fungus with SNiPER.  During trips of more than 2-3 days, spray every third day to prevent molds from occurring.


Problem:  Odors emanating from the bilge.

Solution:  Add at least four (4) ounces per gallon of water in the bilge.  Always add NOK-OUT when the bilge has been emptied and before sailing.


Problem:  Musty odors.  Musty smells come from a fungus.  SNiPER will kill that fungus and remove the odor permenently - or at least until prolonged wetness allows the fungust to get growing again!

Solution:  Go to the areas likely to remain wet, such as the bilge, carpeting, around the head and so on.  Clean away any crud you find and follow up by spraying with SNiPER.  SNiPER will kill the fungus.  For larger craft, with indoor air issues, use a fogger to spray the air periodically.  THis iwll remove odors from the air  itself, as well as killing any spores floating around.

NOK-OUT is  a true deodorizer and SNiPER is EPA Registered as a Hospital disinfectant which oxidizes bacteria, viruses, molds, mildew and fungus spores.   The best friend you'll ever have to keep that pristine boat you enjoy so much.