Remove Odors in Industrial Trailers

Using Nok-Out to Remove Smells in Industrial Trailers

Often Industrial Trailers smell bad. Real bad. Smoke and Tobacco, Body Odor, Stale machine odors are only a few of the odors in this enclosed setting. Get it clean-smelling with Nok-Out.

  1. Using a clean air intake filter of your air conditioning system, dampen the entire surface of the filter with NOK-OUT. Replace filter as usual. Spray around the vents of the trailer, and into the ductwork, if possible.


  2. Spray Nok-Out entirely inside the trailer. Pay attention to corners, window coverings, if present, on flooring, ceilings, and walls. There is no need to saturate, however a light covering of moisture is the best for penetration. Allow to dry for up to 10 minutes, then dry quickly, using a fan, or the circulation system of the AC/Heating Unit.


  3. Spray furniture (if present) with a fine mist of NOK-OUT. The Fogmaster jr. is a good applicator for this problem because it provides a very fine mist. You may also use a pump-up garden sprayer, with the sprayer setting on fine or a common vaporizer. Nok-Out will evaporate at the same rate as water.


  4. Because NOK-OUT contains a light-cleansing agent, it may be used on floors, walls and countertops. In closets where smoking odors have collected on clothing, the clothing should be aired out, and the interior of closet sprayed with NOK-OUT. Pay particular attention to corners, baseboards, and crevices of the closet where odor salts collect.


  5. Should odors return, (as embedded odors surface to the surface) a second application may be necessary. If so, reduce Nok-Out by 50% with water, and reapply.


If the tobacco odor is of long-standing, more than one application may be needed. NOK-OUT is an oxidizer, and will always work if it comes into contact with the SOURCE of the odor!