Remove Smoke/Fire Odors with Nok-Out

Remove Odors From Smoke Permanently using Nok-Out

The strong odors remaining from smoke and fire damage may be completely removed using NOK-OUT. Nok-Out does not mask odors. Instead, it functions as an oxidizer. When it comes into direct contact with the source of the odor, it oxidizes that smelly stuff changing it into something that no longer has an odor.


The following application instructions are for sites where fire and smoke odors are the main concern, and where odor remediation is the goal.

Where carpet has been the site of contamination and is the source of smoke odor, treating with NOK-OUT by using a carpet cleaning machine or shampooer. Spray heavily smoked areas first with a misting sprayer, with Nok-Out at full strength. Place 16 oz of NOK-OUT per tank of water (where the tank does not to exceed 2 gallons). Allow NOK-OUT to penetrate as far into the carpet fibers as possible by not extracting the solution back into the tank for 5-10 minutes. Using ceiling or floor fans, dry as quickly as possible. Nok-Out will continue to be effective when dry. Where smoke contamination is pervasive, it is recommended that the carpet be removed, and the sub flooring be treated with a solution of 50% NOK-OUT and 50% water. Spray this solution using a sprayer that has a fine mist, allowing NOK-OUT to penetrate into the pores of the subliming. Let NOK-OUT saturate the subflooring for up to 10 minutes before wiping away residue. There is no need to rinse this area, but you do not want it to stay wet for too long.

Hard and Porous surfaces (concrete, walls, ceiling, wood, tile or other semi-porous flooring) should be cleaned using several steps.

  1. Apply Nok-Out by pouring directly onto the entire floor, using full strength.


  2. Allow to remain on the flooring for up to 10 minutes for good penetration. (Nok-Out is water based; take this into consideration as 10 minutes may be too long for wood or composite board).


  3. Scrub floors with a rough sponge mop, or other mop that provides some scraping action to continue the process of penetration into the floor.


  4. Wipe up any remaining moisture with a clean mop, or suction with wet/dry vacuum system.


  5. Allow to dry thoroughly. If embedded odors surface within 24 hours, repeat the above process. (If a second application is necessary, Nok-Out may be reduced with water by 50%.)


  6. Apply Nok-Out to walls, ceilings, and air with a misting sprayer. Allow Nok-Out to drip down walls before using a sponge mop, or cloths to wipe excess moisture.

For thorough odor elimination, remove baseboards and spray behind them as well. If this is not an option, spray carefully along baseboards, paying close attention to nail holes, cracks, or any crevices present. This step should be taken before any other restoration has begun.

The AC/Heating system should be sprayed with NOK-OUT at all the vents, intake air vents, AC Filter, and into ductwork, with a sprayer providing a fine, strong mist. The Fogmaster, Jr, is an excellent tool for this purpose, and is available from

Alternately, place a humidifier with 8 oz. of NOK-OUT per gallon tank and fill with water. Place this in the attic, and allow to run for up to 1 hour. Let air-dry. Remember that you are introducing moisture into the air when this step is taken, and where humidity and moisture is already a problem, this method of application is not recommended.

Window coverings, when the issue is simple smoke odors, should be sprayed, another good application for the Fogmaster Jr. It is not necessary to mist to the point of causing dripping, but to dampen and provide thorough coverage to fully reach all odor contamination.

Clothing and closets harbor smoke odors! Clothing may be washed with Nok-Out (8 oz. per wash load) for complete odor removal. For delicate garments, spray lightly, always testing a hem or seam to make sure there are no detrimental effects with dyes. Remove all clothing from closets, and spray the entire area, ceiling, floors, walls, baseboards and doors.

Careful spraying of walls, door facings, and into the corners of each room where odors exist should be conducted. It is not necessary to wipe the walls dry, unless moisture is a problem in the home. Do allow for quick drying time by turning on ceiling or floor fans and opening windows.

NOK-OUT should be poured on bathroom grout between tiles, and around the shower, tub, lavatory, and toilet. Allow Nok-Out to penetrate into the grout for up to 10 minutes before wiping dry.

The attic should be sprayed, as well as insulation (Don’t get insulation wet. A general moistening is sufficient.) Also treat basements, walls, flooring, and the stairwell into the basement following above mentioned guidelines.

The treatments listed above are to provide guidelines for complete odor removal. One application may not be sufficient, if the odors are of long-standing, or if the SOURCE of the contamination has not been treated. Should a second application be necessary, reduce Nok-Out by 50% with water, and re-apply as above.