Remove Vomit Odor

How to Remove Vomit Odor

Vomit can leave behind a particularly nasty odor. And if it sinks down deep into a plush carpet or into an overstuffed sofa, this odor can be really tough to remove.

Nok-Out to the rescue!

First off, clean up the gross mess. Use a wet rag to try and blot up/wipe away all of the vomit and leave as little residue behind as possible.

Cleaning vomit from Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces such as floors or wood furniture are easy – once you have cleaned up the gross mess, just spray, wipe, spray one more time and walk away. The ‘wipe’ is to remove any remaining material from the vomit that might be present and also to smear Nok-Out evenly around the area. Remember that as an oxidizer, Nok-Out must come into direct contact with all of the smelly stuff in order to be able to do it’s work. Leaving it wet allows more time for the oxidation process to take place.

Removing Vomit odor from Soft, Absorbent or Fabric surfaces

These present a bit more of a challenge because liquids from the vomit are likely to have been soaked up, absorbed, or in other ways to have penetrated to the depths of the material. The stuffing in a sofa or chair, or the various layers that comprise your carpet will absorb these liquids and can make it difficult to achieve direct contact with all of the smelly stuff.

One solution is to dilute Nok-Out by 4:1 (water to Nok-Out) and apply it liberally to these areas. The idea is to ensure that you get direct contact with 100% of the smelly stuff. This is necessary because as an oxidizer, Nok-Out does it’s work when it comes into direct contact with that stuff. If you miss a spot, then you won’t be able to remove all of the odor.


Never mix Nok-Out with any acidic cleanser such as vinegar or citric cleansers. If you have previously attempted to clean with vinegar and it didn't work, make a baking soda / water solution (1 tsp / 1 pint) and douse the area where vinegar was applied. This will neutralize the acid which will allow Nok-Out to work successfully and safely.