Remove smells from your Auto, SUV, Truck with Nok-Out

Nok-Out Removes Odors Safely and Restores Vehicles to Smell 'Like New' Again

Does your car or truck have a not-so-funny odor? Did your kid spill milk in the back seat, and now it really smells horrible? Is the odor of tobacco smoke in your car driving you nuts? Do the seats smell like old sweat? When all the other products you have tried have failed to remedy the situation, get some Nok-Out. It works. And you can breathe easy again! Get rid of odors  in your car today!  Buy Nok-Out, because it's the one that actually works.


  • Nok-Out is hypoallergenic, is non-toxic, is non-staining, non-corrosive, non-masking, and leaves no odor behind - only a fresh, clean smell.


  • Nok-Out leaves no chemical residue that may cause harm to you, your family, or your pets.


  •  Non-Toxic Nok-Out is the safest odor eliminator.

Following the directions below, your car will be restored, odor-free, and, if you need to sanitize, you can use SNiPER disinfectant to keep your car or truck pathogen free.

Application procedures to rid your auto/ truck/SUV of any bad odors:

First, be aware that Nok-Out and SNiPER work when they come into direct contact with the SOURCE OF THE ODOR. So find where that milk spill went to - and spray there. Whatever the odor source, spray Nok-Out in such a way, that it comes into direct contact with all of the stinky stuff.

To remove tobacco smoke and musty/mildew odors from vehicles, spray upholstery, and headliners with Nok-Out. Spray carefully in all seams in the upholstery, in the ashtrays, around the cup holders, floorboards, dashboard, in other words, the entire interior of your vehicle! It isn’t necessary to saturate, but spray for good coverage, leaving no unsprayed spaces. You may scrub briskly on more soiled or polluted sites.  A small hand-held sprayer, like the Fogmaster Jr ($130.00) .  This sprayer will provide exactly the coverage you need to penetrate into all parts of your vehicle, and is what many automobile agencies use to remediate odors and stains. A home vaporizer will also create a good quality fog.  Mix Nok-Out 50/50 with water or use full strength.

• With the engine running, spray Nok-Out into the ventilation system (you will find this at the exterior base of the windshield). Turn the air circulation on high with all windows closed, run for a full 5 minutes. Open windows, continue running the air circulation system, and run for 5 minutes. For severe tobacco, musty mildew odors, odors of spilled milk, or any chemical odor, a second application may be required. Should foul odors return in a day or two, reapply using directions above.

• When detailing to remove heavy odors…from long-term smoking, pet accidents, or other spills on upholstery or carpet:

- Spray all fabric, wipe down hard surfaces (using 50/50 dilution with water).  Nok-Out does not harm leather, or synthetic leather materials.  These tightly woven skins may require 2-3 applications to penetrate into the cushions of your vehicle, because the pores of leather are very close together. 

- Saturate known spill areas with Nok-Out, and allow to air dry. If you have tried other odor removers, use a mild baking soda solution to neutralize before applying Nok-Out. (Nok-Out has a pH of 8.5, and works best in a basic environment.)

- Trunks also hold odors - from the interior, the exhaust, and from any malodorous contents they might have held. Spray liberally with Nok-Out on the total interior of the trunk space. Pay particular attention to all seams and crevices. Remove any storage bins, and spray inside as well.

- With air circulation on HIGH and with windows closed, spray Nok-Out into the air intake vents while running the vehicle’s engine for 5 minutes. Ventilate for another 5-10 minutes with the windows open.