Rescuing Old Furniture with Nok-Out

Remove odors from old furniture

Found an old Piece of Furniture You Love?

Rescue that fine furniture find with Nok-Out!

Nok-Out will eliminate odors associated with furniture that has been in storage, misused or where the furniture has absorbed mal-odors from manufacturing procedures.

Remember that Nok-Out is an oxidizer. When it comes into direct contact with the source of an odor, it 'oxidizes' (think 'changes') that stuff into something that no longer has an odor. To be able to do what it does, Nok-Out must be applied to the source of the odor.

  1. Remove all contents of drawers, and pull drawers from their shelves.

  2. Spray drawers and the inside of the furniture with a mild baking soda solution, and wipe dry.  Allow to air dry completely.

  3. Spray interior of cupboard with Nok-Out, paying careful attention to corners, where joints are formed, exterior trims and any crevices or apparent cracks in the wood surface.

  4. Allow to remain wet for up to 5 minutes.  Wipe and dry with a clean cloth, wait about 15 minutes, and re-apply Nok-Out

  5. Spray the drawers inside and outside with Nok-Out, again being careful to treat all crevices, corners, joints and seams, both interior and exterior. If glue has been used to construct the furniture, do not allow those glued joints to stay wet for very long.

  6. Allow furniture to remain rather wet (not drippy) for up to 5 minutes. Wipe dry with a clean cloth, and reapply using step 5.

  7. If an odor source is apparent (oily rags, spilled fingernail polish, urine odors, for example), clean gently with a mild detergent and baking soda, and rinse carefully with a clean cloth. Then apply Nok-Out following the above directions.

  8. Reapply, as needed.  A bit like lather, rinse and repeat!

Nok-Out is a water-based cleaner. Care must be taken to assure the odor is treated, but the wood is preserved. You must leave Nok-Out  on the wood long enough to do its work, but not so long that you inadvertently cause water damage.  Old furniture is sturdy, but requires simple rules. Don’t let the wood fibers stay wet until they swell. Allow time for Nok-Out to penetrate to the source of the odor - but not so much time that water damage can occur. Be patient, be consistent, be aware of the limitations of the furniture, and you will achieve success.

If you still have questions, please give Ted a call toll free at 866 551 1927.