Restoring Abused Rental Property

Restoring Rental Property that has Suffered Hard Use

We know what happens. You rent your property to a nice looking couple who doesn't want to pay your $200 pet deposit, so they don’t tell you about their animals. And you don't find out until 4 years later, when they move out and you discover that their 9 cats, 3 dogs, flock of parrots and the family of ferrets have left a bit of a mess behind them. The carpet is ruined and has to be replaced, the walls are stained with cat spray and the whole place reeks to high heaven.

Nok-Out can remove those odors. If you need disinfection too, then SNiPER® will kill mold, mildew and many other pathogens and will thoroughly disinfect the entire property, as well as taking care of odors.

When  applied directly to the source of the odors, Nok-Out / SNiPER® will oxidize that smelly stuff, changing it to something that no longer has an odor!  You might even be able to save the carpet.  

1) Where carpet has been the site of contamination and is the source of the odor, use Nok-Out in a carpet cleaning machine to reclaim smelly carpets. For instructions, see //  Nok-Out works great to deodorize and reclaim a carpet that still has some life in it.

2) For persistent or severe odors, it is recommended that the carpet be removed, and the sub flooring be treated with a solution of 50% NOK-OUT and 50% water. Spray this solution using a sprayer that has a fine mist, allowing NOK-OUT to penetrate into the pores of the substrate. Let NOK-OUT saturate the sub flooring for up to 10 minutes before wiping away residue. For full effect, do not wipe dry - allow it to air dry naturally.

3) If possible, remove baseboards and spray behind them as well.

4) The AC/Heating system should be sprayed with NOK-OUT at all the vents, intake air vents, AC Filter, and into ductwork, with a sprayer providing a fine, strong mist. If you can gain access to the coils, then clean and spray them too. The Fogmaster, Jr, is an excellent tool for this purpose. After treatment, adjust the heating/cooling fan setting to ‘ON’ rather than “AUTO” for 24 hours to circulate Nok-Out through the house on a continual basis.

If mold is present  in your HVAC, use SNiPER to kill the mold and remove the odor safely. SNiPER® is an EPA registered mold killer, is easy to apply, and is so safe, you can spray without needing special protective equipment, even if people and pets are present. Spray the air using a fogger to kill spores. See for details.

5) For an easy DIY odor solution that will cover large areas such as an attic, garage, or large common room, you can use a humidifier or common household vaporizer.  Put 16 oz. of NOK-OUT per 1/2 gallon tank and fill with water. Place this in the center of the room, and allow to run until the fluid is gone.  It will automatically shut itself off.  You are introducing moisture into the air when this step is taken, and where humidity and moisture is already a problem, this method of application is not recommended. (Property which has been flooded, for example.) See: for additional instructions.

6) Window coverings should be sprayed, another good application for the Fogmaster Jr. or other fine misting sprayer. It is not necessary to mist to the point of causing dripping, but to provide overall coverage.

7) Careful spraying of walls, door facings, and into the corners of each room where odor exists should be conducted. Wipe moisture to prevent ‘dripping’ down walls. Do allow for quick drying time by turning on ceiling or floor fans.

8) For deeply embedded odors which have been laid down over a long period of time, spray into cupboards, cabinets, closets, behind appliances, etc. Especially hard-hit areas may need to be treated several times, but every time you apply, you will remove a bit more and in the end, this is the most effective procedure for total removal of all odors.

9) Resolve bathroom issues by pouring Nok-Out onto the grout between tiles, and around the shower, tub, lavatory, and toilet. Allow it to penetrate into the grout and air dry.  Repeat if needed.

No matter where an odor issue  has penetrated, NOK-OUT will eliminate the problem, if care is taken to allow it to get to the SOURCE of that site.