SNiPER, in Homes, Hospice, Clinical, or Hospital Settings

SNiPER is registered with the EPA. EPA registration # 71700-2

SNiPER in Homes, Hospice, Clinical or Hospital Settings

Sickroom odors are offensive to the caregiver, leaving the patient subject to depression, and often upsetting family members and visitors. These odors will be removed by applying SNiPER, thus enhancing the quality of life for the person who is ill, as well as providing a safer, cleaner environment for the caregiver. SNiPER is also a hospital Disinfectant, has very low toxicity, is biodegradable, simple to apply, and is safe to use on fragile skin, prosthesis’, mattress covers, wheelchairs, or any place where odor, germs, bacteria, viruses’ mold & mildew is an issue. SNiPER is EPA Registered and is safe to use around people and pets.

Procedures for Using SNiPER in Health-Care Settings:

  • Apply liberally with a misting sprayer to sweep clean all obnoxious odors from the air. If extra humidity is needed in the room, a vaporizer/humidifier may be used containing 8 oz. of SNiPER per tank of water, running up to 4 hours at a time.


  • Persons with an Ostomy may use SNiPER by adding 1 oz. to the bag for highly effective odor elimination with no toxic side effects, and adding sanitizing/disinfecting properties.


  • Where body braces or prostheses are being used, SNiPER may be sprayed directly on the appliance, or on the body to remove common odors associated with equipment coming into close contact to the body.


  • Wheelchairs are often the source of body odors, and may be difficult to remove. Spray the seat, armrest, back and bottom of the chair for best results. Allow the wheelchair to air dry. There is a residual effect when using SNiPER. If an accident occurs, odor elimination is still effective.


  • Spray SNiPER around urinals and toilets, and allow to air dry for long-lasing odor removal.


  • When changing bed linens, apply SNiPER to soiled sheets before putting them into a linen hamper. This will inhibit odor production. Before placing clean sheets on the bed, spray SNiPER on the mattress cover, or egg crate protector, and allow drying for a few minutes. You will find a residual protection in this method.


  • If a person is allergic to laundry soap, adding 4 oz. of SNiPER for every 20 gallons of water in the washer can eliminate the soap enzyme. Patients allergic to deodorants can use SNiPER to eliminate body odors.>

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