Safer, Non-Toxic Schools with SNiPER

SNiPER Promotes Safer Learning Spaces for EVERY Child!

Question: Why Use SNiPER in Schools? Will it make my child smarter? more socially skilled? more motivated to succeed?

Answer: No. But, SNiPER WILL provide a clean, safe, low-toxicity place where learning can occur, and where good health allows a child to grow mentally and physically. This helps YOU when you have fewer health issues at home.

Question: What are the advantages of using SNiPER?

Answer: SNiPER will Prevent and Eliminate odors where children and adult congregate daily. SNiPER will Remediate Odors and disinfect bathrooms, food service areas and in dining rooms. SNiPER will remediate odors in other common areas, such as the gym, in smelly locker rooms, in desks, student lockers, To provide the unseen, but totally odor-free and disinfected places where children can best learn. You and your family will have less medical bills, and fewer 'sick' days from the office.

Question: How is SNiPER applied in the School Setting?

Answer: Teachers and children alike should spray their desk between classes, Janitorial Staff can apply SNiPER in bathrooms, common areas, hallways, etc. SNiPER can be sprayed, wiped, sponged, or dispensed by an automatic spraying system.

Question: What is the end result when this remediation process in used?

Answer: A fresh smelling school, Clean. Free from germs, bacteria, viruses, mold & mildew spores. SNiPER is hypoallergenic. It will not cause an allergic reaction. SNiPER is EPA Registered to disinfect, and clean on contact with any dangerous pathogen. Your school will have healthier teachers, other staff, and MUCH healthier students. Children learn quicker and remember facts better when they feel good and are healthy. A healthy environment promotes a healthy brain promotes better learning.

Technical Advice, a personal individual report available on request along with free application instructions. For further information, contact Ted Price at, or 866.551.1927.

Buy some today so you will be ready if an outbreak occurs!