Sniper Hospital Disinfectant - Gallon Jug - shipping included

SNiPER® Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator is unique in its ability to safely clean, disinfect, and deodorize:
- Counter tops - food preparation surfaces
- Appliances - sinks and fixtures
- Bathroom tile - toilets
- Tubs - showers
- Furniture - refrigerators
- Saunas and hot tubs - and much more

SNiPER is not a poison.

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  • How to Apply

    Nok-Out and SNiPER remove odors when they come into direct contact with the odor source. They can ONLY work when in contact with the odor source! So if you walk into your study and it smells bad, it may not do you much good to just spray the air.  Instead, find the odor source, clean any mess away, then spray Nok-Out or SNiPER on that spot and allow it to air dry naturally.  For powerful odors such as skunk spray, you may need to spray more than once to get it all.

    For more details, see the How to Apply information below, or check the "How to Use" Section in the top bar.  

    Nok-Out and SNiPER are both non-corrosive.  Neither product leaves toxic by-products behind and will not compromise or pollute your indoor environment.  You can use them knowing that your family's health will not be compromised by using our products.  See

    For more information about Disinfecting and Sanitizing see:


Your clean home is more than sparkling, dust-free counter tops, and well-vacuumed flooring. It should and can be free from odors, and free from harsh chemicals too…with Nok-Out and SNiPER! 


The most important thing to know in order to make Nok-Out work best for you is to remember that Nok-Out is an oxidizer and does its job when it comes into direct contact with the source of the odor.  Direct contact with ALL of the stinky stuff is essential in order for Nok-Out to be able to do a thorough job of removing odors permanently.  For additional application instructions, see the “How-To-Use” section of


  1. Routine pick-ups and waste paper removal will keep things orderly and will help you to quickly resolve the problem when accidents occur.

  2. At the site of a big occurrence, carefully eliminate any dangerous items first:  sharp glass, broken pottery, anything that may harm you, your family or pets.


  1. Instead of synthetic odors of clove, cinnamon, lemons or flowers, simply spray the air with Nok-Out.  Chemical deodorizing fresheners can irritate the eyes, and cause severe headaches. For best results, use a fogger, humidifier or vaporizer.

CARPET & UPHOLSTERY ISSUES – always test for colorfastness when applying to fabrics!

  1. Remember that liquids (such as urine) will ‘wick’ outwards from the site of the contamination. Although the stain on top may be small, underneath, the damage may have spread in an irregular pattern.  Treat outwards from the site of the stain, allowing penetration to occur.  See:

  2. To really penetrate into heavily padded upholstery pieces, dilute Nok-Out by up to 4 : 1 (water : Nok-Out).  Apply heavily and allow NOK-OUT to saturate/penetrate as deeply as possible.  Then, blot up any excess fluid and put fans on it to speed drying.

  3. A syringe filled with NOK-OUT may be injected into the padding of both carpet and upholstery at regular intervals around the site of the contamination.  This assures you of the likelihood of reaching all odor molecules.


  1. Keep your pets clean with regular grooming.  Minimize the amounts of pet dander and pet hair in your home.  You can spray Nok-Out directly on fur to quickly remove all surface odors.  Give your pet a rub-down using Nok-Out. A nice massage is good for the both of you!

  2. Even when reduced by 50%, Nok-Out retains odor eliminating qualities.

  3. Covered litter boxes may be just fine for you…but pity the poor cat who has to eliminate in them!  Odors collect and stay inside!  Treat the entire box, if you prefer the covered type.  Spray the entire interior every time you remove solid wastes or change the litter.  Your cat will smile!

  4. Nok-Out works best in an alkaline environment.  If your cat vomits on the floor (carpet or hardwood flooring) the acidic nature of vomit should be neutralized with a mild baking soda solution before using Nok-Out.  Blot up as much as possible, saturate with a baking soda solution, blot again, and apply Nok-Out.

  5. Nok-Out works to eliminate odors and safely clean aviary cages and perches.  It is totally safe to use, even around baby birds.

  6. You can even spray in the landscape where the neighbors’ pet has eliminated.  Reduce Nok-Out by 50% with water.  Nok-Out will not harm your foundation plants and perennials.


  1. Wipe the entire refrigerator (inside and out!) with Nok-Out.  If your ‘fridge’ has a drip pan, clean it out every month, and spray liberally with Nok-Out. The moisture in the pan causes bacteria to grow…and smell bad.  If mold or mildew is growing, you will need to use SNiPER disinfectant.  Spray directly on the growth.  Use a soft scrub pad to gently scrub away the crud.  Give the area another spray – and walk away, leaving it to air dry.

  2. Spray the fins on the backside of the refrigerator, every time you vacuum behind the box.


  1. Wipe down the vents in each room with Nok-Out to remove dust and collected soil.  Spray  Nok-Out into the vents to allow clean, fresh air to circulate into every room.

  2. Spray Nok-Out on the AC/Heat Filter every time you change the filter, and several times a year.

  3. Spray Nok-Out into the Return Air Duct, to help circulate and cleanse each room.

  4. Use SNiPER Disinfectant to kill odor-causing bacteria in your HVAC core.  Clean the heat exchanger thoroughly, then spray SNiPER to kill those bacteria.

MOLD & MILDEW ISSUES:  SNiPER kills mold, Nok-Out will only remove the odor of mold

  1. When the moldy, contaminated site is dry but puffy sites of mold remain, mold spores are more likely to disperse into the air to start new colonies.  It is important to remove the visible mold and immediately treat with SNiPER.

  2. Mold & mildew cannot grow where moisture is not present.  After a clean-up, dry the site completely and keep as dry as possible to prevent new growth from occurring.  If the environment remains moist, repeated applications of SNiPER will keep mold populations from spreading and will inhibit growth.

  3. Circulate air in your living spaces as much as possible to prevent mildew and mold from developing.

  4. Dust regularly.  A light spray of SNiPER on the dust cloth is perfect for simple dust removal.

  5. Use SNiPER as directed for specific mold problems.


  1. Smelly mattresses and mattress pads may be rescued from body secretion odors.  Long-standing odors may pose a more difficult application procedure, but once Nok-Out gets on the SOURCE of the problem, it is gone.

  2. The atmosphere in a room where chronic illnesses are present can be restored daily by a quick misting spray of Nok-Out.

  3. Remember that SNiPER is our EPA registered hospital disinfectant/odor eliminator and may be used safely in your home.


  1. Spray your hands with Nok-Out.  It will remove all topical odors and keep non-smokers happier to be around you.

  2. Spray or wipe your ashtrays with Nok-Out to prevent a build-up of odor molecules.  Your whole house will benefit.

  3. Keep a small bottle (the 4 oz. size is good) of Nok-Out in your purse or car for immediate odor removal in clothing or in the car.

  4. When the seasons change, and you switch out clothing for the next season, spray each garment with Nok-Out to prevent a hold-over of tobacco molecules in the fabric. Allow to dry completely before returning to the closet.

  5. Spray door facings both inside and outside with Nok-Out to keep tobacco odors from spreading throughout the house.


  1. Spray your body, hands and clothing with Nok-Out when setting off to hunt.  All traces of human scent will be removed.

  2. Spray fishing tackle (hooks, lures, lines) with Nok-Out. The fish won’t know you’re there!


  1. Always allow the site to dry completely after applying Nok-Out.  As an oxidizer, Nok-Out must dry to complete the job.

  2. Residual odors from household fires (as when the popcorn burns up in the microwave) can be treated with a good spray of Nok-Out.

  3. Recreational vehicles, when re-opened for the season may be completely deodorized and sanitized with Nok-Out.  Specific application instructions are available upon request.

  4. Spray Nok-Out around the base of the toilet.  Allow it to penetrate into the grout.

  5. Stinky shoes and boots will smell fresh as new when treated with Nok-Out.  Specific application directions upon request. After the party is over, refresh your home by spraying Nok-Out all over the house.  Use as fine a misting sprayer as possible for the best penetrating results.


Nok-Out and SNiPER have a pH of 8.5. If you have previously used an acidic cleanser such as vinegar or a citrus-based cleanser,  you should make a mild baking soda / water solution (1 tsp  / 1 pint) and spray the area where the acidic cleanser was used, to neutralize the acid before applying Nok-Out. This will allow Nok-Out to work most efficiently and effectively.

If you have any questions regarding how to apply Nok-Out, check the "How to Use" section of  Or, call toll free to 866 551 1927.