Solving Everyday Issues of Health & Safety, with SNiPER

Issues of Health and Safety

Application Instructions for  SNiPER® 

SNiPER® products are the answer to a serious and growing world dilemma of health and safety, as we continue to pollute our environment, both indoors and out.

The ongoing use of toxic cleaning products such as bleach and ammonia can build up if indoor ventilation is insufficient to remove it. These toxic products and their residues can accumulate to the point that the indoor environment is much more toxic than the outdoor environment. Breathing in these toxins can result in sensitivities such as"multiple chemical sensitivity" or "Sick Building Syndrome". Offices are especially prone to this because the companies hired to clean these offices only buy the cheapest product - not the best.

Listed below are some common problems regarding the safety and health of you and your family, and solutions to resolve these concerns.


  1. Bathroom and Toilets:
    1. Odor and Bacteria from human and animal urine and feces will be removed when sprayed with SNiPER.  Spray the air to remove all air-borne odors, and spray surfaces of the toilet (including the base, seat, and bowl) with SNiPER to deodorize and disinfect.


    2. If fresh water is not available for hand-washing, SNiPER may be sprayed directly on hands.  Spray cuticles and clean under fingernails.  These products are harmless to skin.


    3. SNiPER is environmentally innocuous, and when the problem has been treated and resolved, may be safely poured in drains or on the ground.


  2. Contamination from vomit, blood, or other bodily fluids:    


    1. Clean the contaminated site removing all solids.  Flush them, or place in bags to be disposed of later.  The inside of the bag may also be sprayed with Nok-out to prevent odors, an increase of germs, and to prevent the growth of mildew/fungi spores.


    2. Spray the site of the contamination until wet, but not in puddles.  Allow to air dry as quickly as possible.


    3. Any cloths used to clean the spill may be tossed in the washer.  SNiPER should be added to the laundry to prevent the spread of bacteria and odor.


  3. Traveling Concerns: 
    1. Put SNiPER into a common household vaporizer to treat the air for all airborne odors, & to sanitize inside a vehicle, room, tent, or any closed area.


    2. Spray directly on camping equipment, toys, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc. to remove odor and to sanitize the site.


    3. Use SNiPER in all public bathrooms to spray the toilet, to spray your hands and to use on door knobs.


    4. Spray your clothing to remove bad environmental odors (smoke/tobacco)


    5. Liberally spray in trash cans for odor and sanitizing control.


  4. Hard & porous Surfaces:
    1. Kitchen counters, especially cutting boards where raw meat has been trimmed should be sprayed with SNiPER, and left moist for 5 minutes to eliminate bacteria associated with uncooked meat. 


    2. Refrigerated coolers harbor microbial agents associated with spoilage and malodors.  SNiPER will inactivate through oxidative activity these contaminated surfaces.


    3. Fabrics may be laundered in a solution of SNiPER to eliminate undesirable residues of odor.  (8 oz.  to a washer load)


    4. Any items stored for a period of time in closed containers should be sprayed with SNiPER to eliminate residues from insects, rodents, or other creatures that carry germs.



  1. SNiPER is safe to use on skin.  Dermal exposure will not result in a rash, dry skin, or other abnormal skin problems.
    1. Rinse hands when fresh water is not available.


  2. SNiPER has very low toxicity.
    1. Apply to a toothbrush, if water is not available.


    2. Rinse out drinking cups and other eating utensils if left overnight in the open, and contamination is suspected.


  3. SNiPER will not harm sensitive lung or nasal tissues if inhaled.
    1. A mask is not needed when spraying inside enclosed environments such as a vehicle, tent, or tightly sealed rooms.


    2. In the spraying procedure, SNiPER drifts though the air.  It will not trigger allergies.


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