Suggested Dilution Ratios when Applying Nok-Out

Suggested Dilution Ratios when Applying Nok-Out



  • Laundry:
    • 8 oz of Nok-Out per washer load. Pretreat: Spray contaminated sites with Nok-Out straight from the bottle, before laundering in the washing machine.


  • Kitchen:
    • Countertops, cupboards and drawers, Garbage Disposal, Cutting Boards, Microwave, Refrigerator; SNiPER disinfectant can be diluted by 6 pats water to one part SNiPER for use as a 'sanitizer'.  This is suitable for use on food preparation surfaces and does not need for you to come back and wipe it away.


    • Tables, Chairs, Floors, the Air in the room, reduce by 50% with clean water.


  • Bathroom:
    • Do not dilute. You need the full power of Nok-Out for grout, urine odors, bathroom fixtures, etc.  Use SNiPER to disinfect and deodorize.


  • Carpets:
    • On Carpet: Straight from the bottle for stain removal. See document on Carpet Cleaning


    • Carpet Shampooer: 8 -16 oz, then add enough water to total a gallon


  • Flooring:
    • Reduce by 50% with water for normal cleaning. Do NOT reduce for urine odor removal, mold and mildew issues, or when disinfecting polluted floors..


  • AC/Heating:
    • Use SNiPER full strength to remove biological contamination and associated odors. See Heating and AC for further details here .


  • Air Pollution:
    • Reduce by 50% with water before using a fine misting sprayer, such as a 'fogger'.


  • Walls, ceilings, wood or plastic furniture,
    • Reduce by 50% with water


  • Upholstered Furniture:
    • Review application directions here.


  • Automobiles:
    • Use straight from the bottle


  • Basements, where mold, mildew, and musty smells are the issue,
    • Straight from the bottle.

Disinfecting:  SNiPER is our EPA registered Disinfectant. Always use SNiPER straight from the bottle, full strength for disinfecting.  Kills 99.999% of germs with 10 minute dwell time.

Sanitizing: Dilute SNiPER with 6 parts water. Spray onto surfaces and allow to remain wet for 1 minute.  Kills 99.9% of germs within 1 minute.

IMPORTANT!  Do not add home water if your home water is highly acidic.

 * The dilution chart above for general use of Nok-Out regards common deodorizing  issues. These are only suggestions. Should you have a special issue, please contact,  Ted at 866.551.1927. He can offer many other dilution ratios upon request.