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Suggested Prescriptions for Using Nok-Out

Suggested Applications: Applying Nok-Out Successfully

The most important thing to remember is that to be effective, Nok-Out must reach the source of the odor!  Once you have done that, Nok-out completely eliminates the odor through oxidation.

How to remove odors safely using Nok-Out or SNiPER™

  • Hard and Porous Sufaces such as Ceramic tile, Linoleum, Concrete, Coated Concrete, Laminated Surfaces, Marble, Granite, Polished Stone, Formica, and Formica Derivatives,
    1. Ceramic Tile, Linoleum, Concrete, Coated Concrete, Marble, Laminate Flooring Surfaces:
      • The first application should be Nok-Out full strength:  thereafter, 16 oz Nok-Out per gallon of pure mop water for full deodorize effects.  Allow to air dry where possible, as Nok-Out will absorb into any open pores of these surfaces and will have longer residual effects.

    2. Wood/lLaminateSurfaces:
      1. Use the same procedure as above, except that the flooring should be mopped damp dry after each application and should not be allowed to soak into the wood surface.  Nok-Out is water based and dries quickly.  Pay attention to sites where pet urine or other pollution may have penetrated beyond the surface.

      2. Painted or Papered Wall Surfaces, Baseboards:
        • Apply as for tile or other hard surfaces;  note that Nok-Out much reach the source of the pollution/contamination when it has seeped below the surface.  Several applications may be needed.

  • Carpeted Surfaces: For full instructions, see: //www.nokout.com/Carpet-Odors.html
    1. Test in an inconspicuous space to assure yourself of the non-bleaching and non-staining qualities of Nok-Out. 

    2. Sponge soiled areas, spray heavily as a pre-treatment.  Use in a carpet shampooer, if available. Push Nok-Out all over the carpet, but allow to sit for 10 - 15 minutes before vacuuming up excess fluid. This allows time for Nok-Out to come into contact with any smelly stuff under all the layers comprising your carpet.

  • Laundry Applications:
    1. Spray all polluted/contaminated areas directly with Nok-Out before placing in the washer.  Add 8 oz of Nok-Out to a washer load.  Add you usual amount of washing detergent.  Wash as usual.

  • Kitchen, Bathroom, Sickroom, Baby Room Applications:
    1. Refrigerators, Bathroom,Sickroom, Baby Room:
      1. Use Nok-Out full strength to wipe, scrub, all surfaces.  See other documents pertaining to these areas for specific directions.

      2. Use Nok-Out with a 50% reduction to eliminate odors.

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