The Effects of Chlorine Dioxide around animals

SNiPER and the effect of Chlorine Dioxide around animals

The dilemma of animal keepers and pet owners is that if they disinfect cages, litter pans, dog runs, and/or other animal spaces, they put their animals in jeopardy of chemical poisoning, but if they don’t thoroughly disinfect, they put their animals at risk for disease. Veterinarians tell us that most deaths are premature and unnecessary.

The best answer to date has been to remove pets from their enclosures, scrub the habitat clean, and treat the enclosure with one of a number of nasty (and often expensive) chemicals. It is then necessary to come back later to wash everything down, and hope that there is no dangerous contamination lingering from either the pathogens of the disinfectant. The problem is that most disinfectants are toxic and corrosive, therefore, many disinfectants are not safe to use around pets, period.

The newest approach involves the use of Stabilized Chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is a truly remarkable substance. It is the principal ingredient in  SNiPER Hospital Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator. It is one the fastest acting broad-spectrum disinfectants, proven to destroy many bacteria and viruses that are difficult to get with other products, and yet is safe to use around pets who may be sensitive to more toxic chemicals. It is extremely powerful, killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. It creates no harmful odors; in fact it is an excellent deodorizer. Cages, enclosures, and animal habitats should be cleaned to remove unwanted solids, and then SNiPER sprayed liberally on the source of the odors to release the disinfecting and deodorizing properties of Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide.

The chemistry of Chlorine Dioxide is radically different from that of chlorine itself. Technically speaking, both are oxidizing agents. But, because of their fundamentally different chemistries, they react in distinct ways with organic compounds, and as a result, generate very different by-products. Chlorine tends to react with organic matter by attacking cell walls and creating by-products, some of which are toxic and carcinogenic. Chlorine Dioxide disassembles organic compounds rendering them harmless. It’s this difference that explains the superior performance of chlorine dioxide.

The anti-microbial efficacy of chlorine dioxide against bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa has been repeatedly demonstrated and documented. In our formulation, it is very safe, receives the lowest low toxicity ratings the EPA gives out in all four categories, and is not harsh to use because it is non-corrosive. Along with its disinfecting properties, chlorine dioxide is also a natural anti-inflammatory, making it very useful for wound treatment. Veterinarians are using a chlorine dioxide gel mixed with aloe vera to treat incisions and wounds.  Our SNiPER product has been lab tested to kill canine Parvovirus without endangering the animals.  Our local pet rescue community tells us they use Sniper to quickly and easily treat mange and ringworm successfully.

NOK-OUT, a true deodorizer, is the pet owner’s best friend to eliminate odor, protect the environment, and cause no harm to the owner, or his pets.  SNiPER is the Disinfectant product that will also eliminate odors without harming the pet.

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