Tobacco & Smoke Odor


Remove Tobacco & Smoke odors with Nok-Out


Whether in the home, vehicle, workplace or home of friends and family, everyone knows an odor they would like to have eliminated that is caused by tobacco products.  Cigarette odor removal  is a job that Nok-Out is strong enough to handle with ease.  NOK-OUT is a clear, odorless liquid, and is a safe and amazing odor destroyer for use in any area where odors occur. It is water based, mild enough to wash  your hands in, is non-allergenic, non-staining, and anti microbial. NOK-OUT quickly destroys odors caused by organic decay, tobacco smoke, fires, sweat, mold, bacteria, and fungi. NOK-OUT leaves carpet, upholstery, cars, SUV’s, shoes, gym lockers, the air you breathe - you name it, smelling fresh!  


Remember!   Nok-Out is an oxidizer. When it comes into direct contact with the source of the odor, it oxidizes that smelly stuff, changing it into something that no longer has an odor.  It can only do this, when it is in direct contact with that smelly stuff.  With smoke odors, that sticky tarry stuff is likely to be on everything - curtains, carpets, walls, floors, blinds and so on.  A professional treating this issue would bring a machine called a 'fogger' that produces large quantities of vapor and would spray liberally.  Once the atmosphere becomes saturated, that vapor begins to condense, coating every single square inch of every surface in that room.  This is a great way to apply!  A cheaper, DIY alternative to the fogger is either a room humidifier or a common household vaporizer.  They will do the same job as a fogger, but is much slower.  (A vaporizer is much easier however, because you can usually set it to run overnight - when you wake up the next morning, it is done!)


  1. To eliminate odor in a smoker’s room, add 8 ounces of NOK-OUT to a gallon of water in a one-gallon vaporizer, and operate it in the room as needed (up to four hours at a time). This method works well in any area that has air borne odor problems. NOK-OUT should be sprayed in the corners, cracks, baseboards, door-facings, before the humidifier is run, if the odors are persistent and old.


  2. Using a clean air intake filter of your air conditioning system, dampen the entire surface of the filter with NOK-OUT. Replace filter as usual. Spray around the vents of the home, and into the ductwork, if possible.


  3. Spray draperies, upholstered furniture with a fine mist of NOK-OUT (be sure you have tested a small corner of fabric before spraying the entire surface). The Fogmaster jr. is a good applicator for this problem because it provides a very fine mist. You may also use a pump-up garden sprayer, with the sprayer setting on fine. Nok-Out will evaporate at the same rate as water.


  4. Because NOK-OUT contains a light-cleansing agent, it may be used on floors, walls and countertops. The solution is 8 ounces of NOK-OUT to one gallon of water. If you need a sanitizing cleaner, however, dilute only by one-half with water.


  5. In closets where smoking odors have collected on clothing, the clothing should be aired out, and the interior of closet sprayed with NOK-OUT. Pay particular attention to corners, baseboards, and crevices of the closet where odor salts collect. Note: Always test clothing first, although NOK-OUT is color fast, it is prudent to test first!


  6. For clothing that is washable, 8 ounces of NOK-OUT may be added to the rinse cycle to eliminate odor.


  7. For fireplace smells, nothing beats Nok-Out.  Use a fogger or vaporizer to spray the room with the fireplace and return your home to a fresher,  cleaner smelling home.  For instructions on how to use a vaporizer, see:  //


If the tobacco odor or fireplace smell is of long-standing, more than one application may be needed. NOK-OUT is an oxidizer, and will always work if it comes into contact with ALL of the SOURCE of the odor!